FastestVPN Review – Why do you Need FastestVPN for Security?

Everyone has their own reasons to use a VPN. Like you may want to access websites across the border or want to ensure tight security of your private files. No matter whatever the force behind using VPN, here I come with the FastestVPN review. In this comprehensive review, I have covered everything, including how secure it is, its speed as well as other pros and cons.

If you go a few years back, no one knew that FastestVPN would grow up with such a rapid speed. With astonishing progress, they are also well-taking care of all the essential security features to ensure internet freedom. Furthermore, the highly affordable price tags are quite tempting for me to give it a try. I am hopeful after reading the following blog; you will master the FastestVPN and be able to decide whether it’s the one you are looking for or not.

FastestVPN Pros & Cons


  • Reliable security and privacy policy
  • Can choose between protocols
  • Good customer support
  • Kill Switch
  • Affordable pricing
  • Includes ad-blocker


  • FastestVPN grows its VPN server base but still not as many as some of its competitors
  • No free trial
  • Distant servers need to deliver consistent speed


FastestVPN Interface

Huge Number of Servers

Back when it was launched, FastestVPN was unable to grab much attention because of its limited network. But now, the company has grown significantly. They are offering 500+ VPN servers in 40+ countries. Compared to giant companies like NordVPN and Cyberghost, FastestVPN does not offer that many servers, but they have strategically covered the globe.

Is FastestVPN Really FAST?

When looking for a good VPN, speed is one of the crucial factors. Because of the routed traffic, a VPN can affect your speed. In the case of FastestVPN, I came to the conclusion that it offers something we call a fair speed. Like for neighboring servers, it will perform pretty well; however, for distant servers, FastestVPN’s speed needs to be consistent. For the final marks on the speed, I won’t say it’s the fastest VPN, but it manages to deliver an acceptable speed for media streaming.

FastestVPN Location

The location of FastestVPN headquarters is another factor that makes it a considerable VPN. It is based in the Cayman Islands and does not come under the jurisdiction of any country. This autonomous British territory is not part of any international alliance for sharing data. Furthermore, the company cannot be forced to share data with any government. So, you can enjoy internet freedom while staying anonymous.

What Makes Fastest VPN a Good Choice For Me?

The reason behind their fastest growth is their Proactive team. I have used the Fastest VPN; the improvement they have made from last year is remarkable, which is why more and more people are joining their network.

I can say that the FastestVPN is a reliable option for most people, especially those who stream a lot of movies.

FastestVPN – Features:

FastestVPN Settings

Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites (Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc.)

I have tested their unblocking feature and tried some US servers to watch Netflix; the experience was good. I faced minimal buffering at the start of the video after it played without any error or buffering.

Streaming on Disney+ also played smoothly and hasn’t faced any connection issues while connecting to the US server and the connection speed was also nice.

Internet Kill Switch

Fortunately, FastestVPN offers a super useful internet kill switch. It instantly cuts off the connection from the internet whenever your connection gets interrupted. Which helps secure your identity.

No Log Policy

Thankfully Fastest VPN does not come under the US rules and regulations because it’s situated in the Cayman Islands. A country that does not come in Five eyes or 14 Eyes surveillance groups etc terrority.

In simple words, FastestVPN doesn’t keep any data of its user except its subscription and account info.


The support of the AES 256-bit encryption makes it one of the rigid VPNs in the market as it is the top-notch encryption available now.

Smart Tunneling

With the help of smart tunneling, you can route your selected traffic through a separate tunnel to ensure extra security. This means you can make some of your traffic visible to public networks and some private at the same time.

Other Smart Features:

AdBlocker & Anti-Malware

FastestVPN also brings ad-blocker and anti-malware to further secure your browsing. Goodbye to popup ads and corrupted files also; enjoy hassle-free browsing from now.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Another great offer by FastestVPN is that, unlike other VPNs, FastestVPN doesn’t cap bandwidth usage, which means you can use as much as you want. 

Customer Support

Do you want to get answered by a robotic chat? Of course not. For customer support, real human support is always preferable for me. FastestVPN offers rapid response live chat for their customers. Every time I contacted them, I got connected to their agent in under a minute.

For What Platforms is FastestVPN Available?

FastestVPN is available on almost every device, including Firestick, Ruko, Kodi, Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

Does Fastest VPN Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, in case you have purchased the Fastest VPN, but after that, you realize that this is not what you are looking for, then you can ask for your money back. Fastest VPN offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.


I love the pricing part of FastestVPN as FastestVPN offers three subscription plans. The monthly subscription starts at $10/month, while the cost decreases to $1.11/month if you buy their three-year plan and save up to $320. In case you don’t want to buy from these two plans, there is a middle option awaiting you, which is a yearly plan that costs you $2.49/month.

FastestVPN Pricing

All plans include:

  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • Free Malware Protection
  • Free NAT Firewall
  • Free Adblocker
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • 10 Multi Logins
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 24/7 support via Live Chat

Final Words

With growing cases of hacks, I consider VPN an essential part of life. Furthermore, VPNs are also the key to unblocking country-specific content.

So should you go for FastestVPN? There is no doubt with solid security measures and killing price, FastestVPN is a worthy deal to consider. In my opinion, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and secure VPN that can unblock content, you should give it a try. 


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