Amazon Hardware Event 2021: Here’s All the New Products Released

Amazon Hardware Event 2021: Here’s All the New Products Released: Amazon announced a lot of new products and services at their fall 2021 event. We saw a plethora of new Echo and Ring products, even an R2D2-like robot buddy called Echo Spot. They also launched the Ring Alarm Pro, Always Home Cam (Drone), and Blink Video Doorbell. They also released the Halo View smartwatch just like Google’s Fitbit that will run on the Alexa Operating System.

Amazon Products Released in the Event:

Amazon Astro

Amazon is proud to announce the latest addition to its household robotic lineup, Astro! Featuring advanced programming capabilities, 6 motorized wheels that allow 360-degree movement, HD video streaming capabilities, voice activation with Alexa built right in, an ambulatory germophobic Nano-micro towel designed for dust removal and waterless drying capabilities with 4 separately programmable cleaning pads capable of removing organic matter down to the molecular level. The most innovative product in the market today is now available through Amazon Day One Program for “only” $999.99.

Amazon Astro - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Halo View

The Halo View is an exciting smartwatch that will change the way we think about fitness and activity tracking. The amazement doesn’t stop there, as Halo View has a revolutionary touchscreen interface and boasts 3 gigabytes of memory, so it can store thousands of songs and all other types of entertainment to take on your travels with ease – meaning you never even have to carry around a phone again! Halo View is priced at $79.99.

Halo View- Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Blink Video Doorbell and Floodlight Cam

Another Amazon product named Blink Video Doorbell will be priced at $49.99 and the Floodlight Cam and Blink Solar Panel Mount are going to be priced at $139.99 and $129.99, respectively.

Blink Video Doorbell - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Ring Alarm Pro and Always Home Cam

As the year draws near to a close, we’re excited to announce two exciting new products coming out through the Ring Apps! The first one is the Always Home Cam which is an indoor drone cam that will be available on Amazon and cost $149.99 and is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. It works wirelessly and offers backup for your content as well as easy sharing functionality with your family members.

The company is upgrading its home security with Ring Alarm Pro. When the doorbell is pressed, a remote control mode activates and starts recording video from a pre-determined distance away from the door via an app on your phone. In addition, all of your indoor Ring security devices get long-range capabilities for monitoring your entire home. It comes with multiple cameras, a doorbell camera, window and door sensors for $249.99.

Always Home Cam - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product
Ring Alarm Pro - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Echo Show 15

The company, Amazon, just recently released the new Echo Show 15. The screen will be about 15.6 inches (1080p). This type of screen will allow it to keep track of important information for you and your family without the inconvenience of holding an iPad. It will release later this year for $249.99.

We’re really excited about the recent news that Amazon Echo Show 15 will include an innovative new user interface called Alexa widgets. It’s not that the previous version lacked integrations, but this latest software update gives users unprecedented control over their smart home gadgets to an even greater degree!

Echo Show - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Amazon Glow

Amazon is making a smart projector specifically for children. The pitch with the Glow is that it connects grandparents with family, especially young families because parents can include their children in games and activities they’re playing at home by connecting them externally. With Glow’s early access program, parents will have an introductory price of $249.99.

Amazon Glow - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon announced a new Amazon Smart Thermostat that will work with most 24V HVAC systems for between $59.99. Amazon has partnered with Honeywell to develop this product, which will be compatible with Amazon Alexa. Once the utility provider rebate is applied, Amazon customers can purchase an Amazon Smart Thermostat for as low as 10$! It seems Amazon’s latest venture may be a direct competitor to Google Nest whether or not they planned it this way.

Amazon Smart Thermostat - Amazon Hardware Event 2021 Product


We shared our thoughts on the amazon products that could be released in this year’s Amazon Hardware Event 2021. We also shared our thoughts on these products and provide the official prices as well. It’s going to be a while before we know what Amazon has in store for us, but we’re sure it’s going to be good.


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