A Buyer Gets Unreleased Intel 12th-Gen Processors

Upcoming Intel 12th-gen processors are set to be released in November or December this year, according to an anonymous post on Reddit. Intel may however announce its Alder Lake series of processors in the coming weeks, according to another Reddit post. Either way, two of these yet-to-be-released processors were reportedly purchased before their official release earlier this week.

The Lucky Buyer Who bought Intel 12th-Gen Processors

The lucky Reddit user “Seby9123” claims they were able to complete a purchase of two Intel Core i9-12900K CPUs for $610 each from an unnamed retailer. Despite the CPUs having an MSRP of $699, Seby9123 was able to obtain them for a lot less than the advertised price.

Intel 12th-Gen Processors
Intel Core i9-12900K. Images: u/Seby9123

The pictures posted on Reddit of the new processor’s retail boxes show that the product ships inside one of the most uniquely packaged wafers that are still entirely sealed. Not only that, there are many speculations about the nature of the product based on certain markings on the package, which match up with earlier leaks regarding both packaging and alleged specs for this new processor.

Intel 12th-Gen Processors
Intel Core i9-12900K. Images: u/Seby9123
Intel 12th-Gen Processors
Intel Core i9-12900K. Images: u/Seby9123

Unfortunately, the Reddit user “Seby9123” is unable to use the processors because there is no supported motherboard is available. These new 12th generation processors are only supported by Alder Lake’s new upcoming Z690. This motherboard is yet to hit the market. This is the reason Seby9123 can’t test the benchmarks and other things.

Rumors have been circulating about a project Intel started working on after launching its 11th-generation Core chips. Currently, ‘Alder Lake’, is supposed to bring about significant upgrades to the Core processor. The sources suggest that the 12th generation is likely to open another front in the ongoing competition between AMD and Intel. We currently suspect (rumors suggest) they will launch it ahead of the AMD Zen 4 line of CPUs which are expected later this year.

The Alder Lake series will have a hybrid architecture containing both high-performance and energy-efficient x86 cores. This is something we’ve seen in devices using the big.LITTLE technology. The 12th generation will offer 19% better performance than the previous generation of processors from Intel!


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