Xbox One Discontinued: The Popular Console Is Now Discontinued!

The legend of its own time Xbox One Discontinued and stocks are very limited now. Microsoft has announced it will no longer be manufacturing any Xbox One consoles. The line was introduced in the fall of 2013 and discontinued this year after about eight years of production. The company decided to focus on their latest generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S. Here is a list of discontinued Xbox consoles: Xbox One, Xbox One X, and the Xbox One S.

Xbox One Discontinued

“We had to stop production of all Xbox One consoles by 2020 as we focused on producing the more advanced Xbox X / S,” said Microsoft to The Verge. Stocks for this console are limited so until they are gone, you can’t get your hands on one. The console-maker stopped making consoles over a year ago and just announced it recently.

Xbox One Discontinued
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Plus, Microsoft’s announcement about their new Xbox One came just after the confirmation of Sony continuing to produce the PS4 for another six years. Sony is extending its last production year of the PS4 to go an extra year. The chip shortage and its ensuing effect on the supply of other components such as memory chips are impacting the introduction of new products from Microsoft and Sony.

Microsoft has officially declared the Xbox One series as discontinued. This means that this popular line-up has ruled the gaming world for eight years. ‘Above all, the Xbox X/S can run all the same software that ran on the Xbox One series. That means that players shouldn’t need to worry about not being able to play their older favorites.’ The Xbox One console has had an impact on the culture of gaming that can’t be easily forgotten. By all accounts, it was one of the best consoles in recent memory.



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