iPhone 14 Rumor Roundup: Everything You Need To Know

2022 is already started and the rumors of iPhone 14 are getting stronger. At the end of this year, Apple will launch its new iPhone 14 series. Everyone is looking forward to the new iPhone and hopes are very high this time. People are expecting something different and really upgraded from Apple. As we have already covered a few rumors about the device already, but this time we are adding up new rumors coming out.

You need to remember that this iPhone is not 2022’s iPhone it’s the 2023’s iPhone because it will launch at the end of 2022 but it will definitely come with specs for the year 2023. What do you think people’s thoughts about the device? Everyone is looking for a dramatic change in design and specs like a higher refresh rate not only chipset up-gradation.

iPhone 14 Rumor Roundup

  1. No iPhone 14 Mini
  2. iPhone 14 Display Pill Replaces Notch
  3. Design
  4. iPhone 14 Cameras
  5. Apple’s A16 Chips & More
  6. Storage and Connectivity
  7. iPhone 14 Launch Date

1. No iPhone 14 Mini

iPhone 13 mini
Image: Apple

The biggest piece of info about the 2022 iPhone lineup is that the smallest iPhone will no longer be available. The iPhone 12 Mini wasn’t as popular as the iPhone 13 Mini, but Apple fixed the battery life.

Although it has many good qualities, the Mini lineup is not as commercially successful as expected. Apple has reduced the number of releases in their Mini model and it is believed that this might be the last release. So in 2022, the rumored ‘iPhone 14’ is expected to have a 6.1-inch screen and come in different color variants. iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have the 6.7-inch.

2. iPhone 14 Display Pill Replaces Notch

The iPhone 13 Pro has a 120Hz display, which brings increased refresh rates to the popular smartphone so you can work faster and more efficiently. It’s worth keeping in mind that the next Apple iPhone is expected to come out in 2023, so it’s safe to expect them to use the ProMotion display across all models. All iPhones from Model 14 should come with a high refresh rate screen.

There are several different rumors circulating around the neighborhood too. Some think that there might be an under-display Face ID on the next iPhone. By the look of the photo above, it appears that a pill-shaped cutout is visible in the center of the display. This could house Apple’s Face ID apparatus.

While an under-display sensor would be amazing, most people find it hard to use, It seems like this new idea might be a more conservative one of Pill. Considering that the upcoming iPhone 14 will only have incremental updates from the 12, we can expect it to look very similar, with some improvements on the inside.

3. Design

Apple iphone
Image: Apple

Cosmetic changes are seldom things that people want. JPMorgan Chase reported that the next iPhone will probably have a titanium alloy body. The current surgical-grade steel design will be replaced. You can also choose to purchase a case that has additional protection in the back where the camera bump is located.

Apple is rumored to make the 2022 iPhone a little thicker so the cameras will fit within the borders of the phone. The bottom side of the phone is expected to change in the upcoming iPhone. There are rumors that Apple might remove the lightning port as well and make it portless for better wireless charging capabilities.

Thanks to MagSafe, it is now a possibility. The European Union has also put pressure on the company to adopt a Type-C port. So we think Apple will get rid of its old port as well.

iPhone 14 Cameras

Apple iPhone
Image: Apple

Apple is expected to release a new generation of ultrawide and telephoto cameras. A leaked document online suggests the upcoming iPhone will have a 48MP lens with 8K shooting capabilities.

A Taiwanese analyst also says that Apple will upgrade the current telephoto lens from a 6-element to a 7-element lens. Even though it sounds outlandish for Apple’s still very respectable 12MP setup, by 2023 standards it will be quite modest.

Apple’s A16 Bionic Chip

We heard from a reliable source that the upcoming MacBook chips will be built on TSMC 3nm architecture. The iPhone 14 is expected to have a smaller chip process, going to 4nm in size. It could deliver a performance boost. There is currently some work being done to improve materials that can go into creating chips. This is good for energy efficiency, battery life, etc.

Apple is also working on some additional features to make the iPhone even better. There have been recent rumors about the future addition of car crash detection systems in iPhones. These reports come with no release date or official confirmation from Apple, though. Apple just recently released a video showing how the Apple Watch helped save lives. Building upon that, car crash detection could be a neat safety feature that can be integrated into future phones for the ultimate convenience.

Storage and Connectivity

Claims made by Jeff Pu, an analyst with less than half of their predictions coming true, are not reliable sources of information regarding 8GB RAM. The new iPhone 13 Pros currently come with 6GB of RAM, but 8GB could bring the specs on par with Android flagships.

Coming into storage there is a 2TB variant will be available, 8K cameras for video will come with a 2TB storage variant. The current iPhone lineup offers a range of storage options up to 1TB. Devices also have a Qualcomm X65 modem for connectivity. This is the world’s first 10 Gigabit RF system (5G).

Finally, some rumors about the new iPhone suggest the device won’t have a physical SIM slot. The general consensus is that it’s not probable, but if it happens it could happen in the near future.

iPhone 14 Launch Date

iphone noth samples
Image: Angelo Libero Designs

iPhones traditionally launch in September. Considering this we are expecting the iPhone 14 is set to launch in September 2022. We don’t know when exactly the rumor mill will finally come to a conclusion, but if it does, we will update this post accordingly. This device will be a direct competitor to Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Final Words

We end our blog roundup with the iPhone 14 rumor roundup. Apple is expected to release its next iPhone in September and we are excited to see what they have to offer! We hope you enjoyed this blog post and please feel free to comment with any feedback.  We love hearing your thoughts!


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