What is Dynamic Island? Does Every Smartphone Need Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island is the latest trend in smartphone design. It’s a small notch at the top of the screen that can be used to show information like the time, date, and battery life. Dynamic Island is a great way to keep your screen clean and free of clutter. This feature is very interesting and many smartphone brands are going to copy this amazing feature that is introduced in Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series.

According to me not every phone needs Dynamic Island. Phones with larger screens don’t need it as much because there’s more room for the information to be displayed. But for phones with smaller screens, Dynamic Island is a great way to make the most of the limited space. It all depends on the user’s choice, do you really like it or don’t you?

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Everything You Need to Know About Dynamic Island

What is Dynamic Island?

What is Dynamic Island?

Recently, Apple announced that the iPhone 14 Pro series would have a Dynamic Island notch. Apple made a smart move by integrating software with the notch. In the current version of Dynamic Island, only first-party applications are supported. More applications will, however, integrate with the notch as time passes. Third-party developers have already begun working on the product in less than a week since it was released. There is a virtual pet feature referred to as “Dynamic Island Zoo” that developers have revealed.

What are the Features of Dynamic Island?

There are five types of pets you can own at Dynamic Island Zoo: a dog, a cat, a hedgehog, a fox, and an axolotl. When you surf the Apollo application, you will see a small creature (with retro graphics) pacing around the area above Dynamic Island. The widget can also be added to the lock screen of iPhones without Dynamic Island.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Island?

The Apollo app for iOS is one of the most popular Reddit substitutes. Reddit with this application offers a number of features that the stock app does not. Christian Selig, the developer behind Apollo, has added a fun little feature called “tamagotchis” to Dynamic Island. Having a virtual pet will be possible with the new Apollo update.

Does Every Smartphone Need Dynamic Island?

There are many people who believe that every smartphone needs a dynamic island feature like the iPhone 14 Pro series. This feature allows users to have a more customized and user-friendly experience when using their smartphones. It also helps to improve the overall performance of the device. The good news is Xiaomi is also integrating this feature in their upcoming Xiaomi 12T Pro smartphone.

How to Get Dynamic Island?

In the Settings app, you can enable the feature under Accessibility → Touch → Reachability. Using the feature is as simple as swiping down on the bottom edge of the screen. By tapping on the upper half of the screen, you will be able to return to a regular view. Dynamic Island comes with iOS 16.1 update.

How to Use Dynamic Island?

On iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can check alerts and activity in progress on the Dynamic Island on the Home Screen or in any app. Dynamic Island appears whenever your iPhone is unlocked. Dynamic Islands can be expanded and shown in more detail by touching and holding them.

iPhone 14 Pro with Dynamic Island Feature
Source: Apple


Dynamic Island is a new feature that is currently introduced in iPhone 14 Pro series. It is a unique feature that enhances the user’s phone experience by providing dynamic notifications and icons on the notch of the phone. Dynamic Island is not a requirement for every smartphone, but it is a great feature to have if you want to customize your phone and make it more unique.


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