Top Trending Most Popular Angular JS Frameworks for 2022

Advancements in web development technology have pushed online space to grow at an exponential rate. Today, we not only use UI development kits but also full-fledged platforms like AngularJS. As per one statistic, over 4 million websites are built using the AngularJS framework. As seen in the image below, the framework has experienced consistent growth over the years.

When launched by Google, Angular JS framework was welcomed by the developer community with open arms. Since it was scalable and flexible to use for small to large-scale complex projects, Angular was hailed as the most crucial technology for web development.

But since its launch, many AngularJS frameworks for web applications are available in the market, making it difficult to select one for your project. So, here’s the most popular AngularJS frameworks list for 2022:

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web Frontend Development in 2022

1. Mobile Angular UI

Based on the other Angular js frameworks like Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile, It’s a mobile UI design library. The framework development team claims that anyone who knows Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS, they already know how to work with Mobile Angular UI.

This AngularJS framework provides essential components such as switches, overlays, scrollable areas, sidebars, and others that were missing in Bootstrap 3. Further, the framework relies on overthrow.js and fastclick.js libraries to offer a great mobile experience.

Top Features:

  • Super easy to learn as it’s free from jQuery dependencies or fat Bootstrap JS.
  • Retains most of Bootstrap 3’s syntax.
  • By default, has FontAwesome icons.
  • Awesome native controls
  • Desktop.CSS to go fully responsive
  • Scrollable areas with fixed navbars

2. Ionic

Ionic is another excellent AngularJS development framework for developing praise-worthy cross-platform mobile, web, and desktop apps. It’s an open-source toolkit for developing native mobile and web UI experiences.

The framework offers a vast library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and other tools for creating highly interactive apps. Ionic is based on the concept of “Write once and run anywhere”.

Top Features:

  • Developer-friendly tooling to build, test, and deploy apps.
  • Live Reload, integrations, deployments.
  • Pre-designed UI components, typography, and a base theme.
  • Single codebase to ship apps to the app stores and even as a PWA
  • Adaptive styling to make apps look and feel at home.

3. Angular Material

Angular Material offers material design components for the Angular JS development framework. Inspired by Google’s Material Design, this AngularJS framework offers libraries of reusable UI components. It’s a complete solution for all UI needs an app development project may have.

Angular Material offers a rich CSS library, responsive directives, a flex grid layout, and many themes to facilitate the flexible and faster Angular js development of apps. In addition, Angular Material offers consistent, functional, and elegant user interfaces for building web apps.

Top Features:

  • High-quality, internationalized, and accessible components
  • Versatile framework to help developers build custom components
  • The customizable Material design specification
  • Frictionless integration with Angular
  • Built-in responsiveness
  • Modified UI elements to align with the rules of Angular Material Design

4. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid is another great addition to the Angularjs framework list. It has made web application development flexible for projects with huge database requirements.

The framework does not consist of any other dependency except for AngularJS. Further, it offers e2e testing, user interactions, visualization, sorting, and many other useful functionalities.

The best thing is it implements AngularJS without jQuery. Also, the plugin architecture allows you to effectively reduce the technological debt by using only the required functionality. Developers can build apps to manage vast, multifaceted data with grid characteristics.

Top Features:

  • Columns and rows can be sorted either in ascending and descending order or not at all
  • Filtering, grouping, virtualization, exporting, sorting, paging, column pinning, etc.
  • Binding complex features to cell values
  • Native AngularJS implementation without needing jQuery

5. LumX

LumX is another Angularjs development framework that leverages Google Material Design. This AngularJS framework will help you design and develop more enriching web apps easily and rapidly.

The framework is built in a pixel-perfect manner by following the Google Material guidelines. Furthermore, it’s based on the Sass Preprocessor, making it the best CSS framework. Also, LumX can aptly develop single page applications within a few minutes.

Top Features:

  • Ability to automatically optimize JS files with Gulp for enhanced performance
  • Drag and Drop feature for designing interfaces
  • Sass and Bourbon will make the app design customization effortless
  • Use of jQuery without any of its plugins for high performance
  • Hand-made components to perfectly plug with AngularJS apps

6. Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap offers Bootstrap components that are written purely on AngularJS by the Angular UI team. Additionally, the framework utilizes many Angular libraries such as Angular-touch and Angular-animate along with Bootstrap CSS.

This gives developers a great amount of aid for faster web app development. Further, it only contains the native AngularJS directives and has no dependency on jQuery or others.

Top Features:

  • The Grid system of Angular UI Bootstrap facilitates a simple component page layout.
  • Offers easy to use the file structure
  • Offers carousel, color picker, and dropdown directives
  • Quickly create custom components for apps
  • Flexible data binding

7. Angular Foundation

Foundation is a responsive frontend development framework that makes designing elegant web apps and sites effortless. The framework works on any device and is semantic, readable, flexible, and customizable.

The team behind the framework constantly works to add new features and resources like snippets and HTML templates which include process bar, trigger, dropdown, accordion, and others.

Top Features:

  • Rapid development of content-focused sites
  • HTML, CSS, and JS to quickly build prototypes.
  • Customize and extend the project to get it polished
  • Everything is semantic and has the cleanest markup
  • Mobile responsive layouts

Wrapping Up

The list of AngularJS framework 2022 mentioned here possesses a unique set of features that make it different from the rest. We started with the best frameworks for mobile UI design, then elaborated on web frontend frameworks, and then talked about the best responsive web frontend frameworks. When choosing the right Angular js framework 2022, first assess your project’s needs and determine what framework would suit your requirements. This way, you’ll select the right AngularJS development framework.


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