Microsoft Is Making It Easier To Manage Installed Apps in Windows 11

The newest version of Windows, Windows 11, has been out for some time now. To manage installed apps in Windows 11 was not that easier before. With major updates coming regularly, Microsoft is clearly pushing the product to millions of computers around the world. The Windows Store application updates from Microsoft have been released, and it’s been made better with the Features & Apps tool. It’s easier to manage apps from it.

If you’re using Windows 10, managing apps is already easy to do. Simply head to the Apps & features page in Settings. The process in Windows 11 is still very similar to Windows 10, but the Apps & Features page received a new look in build 22494.

How to Manage Installed Apps in Windows 11

On the previous version, you had to scroll through all of your apps and it was difficult to locate just one quickly. The update solves this problem by adding other views and sorting options. The Windows 11 builds have a new Apps & Features page with categories for easy app management. Users can choose from a regular list view, a thumbnail view, and a detailed list view.

1. List View

Manage Installed Apps in Windows 11 - Installed Apps in Windows 11 in List View

2. Detailed View

Installed Apps in Windows 11 in Detailed View

3. Thumbnail View

Installed Apps in Windows 11 in Thumbnail View

This is a solution to the issue that occurred before. Apart from all these advantages, we’ve also added sorting options where the user can sort the apps by name, size, and install date. In Windows 11, you can view the apps installed on a specific drive in your system.


These changes have been rolled out to all users and will be available shortly. Windows Insiders in the Dev channel should already see this new feature on their devices. It is possible for Microsoft to make changes to Windows 11 that all users can access using “experience packs.” What do you think about this update from Microsoft? Let me know in the comments.


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