The New ‘Tweet Storm’ Upcoming Feature of Twitter: To Create A Tweet Thread When Replying to Someone

Twitter is working on a new Tweet Storm feature which creates a tweet thread while replying to someone. Twitter can be described in many ways. It’s arguably the fastest way to communicate with others, but the 140-character limit leaves people eager for more. The filter that filters out words or links that are too long makes it harder for users to write their replies in an optimum manner, so Twitter recently announced it will change this.

Tweet Storm Feature

Tweet Storm

The famous Twitter user and reverse engineer wongmjane recently found a “Tweet Storm” button, which will allow you to draft a thread of tweets at once when replying to someone.

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms. This is not one of the more widely complained about Twitter features, but it’s one that many users have hoped for – which makes sense given that it can be quite frustrating when having to repeat oneself to ensure that everyone stays on the same page about what was preceding something else within the message.

One advantage of this feature is that it ensures you won’t lose your train of thought while making a tweet about a subject, as you can simply refer back to the entire thread in order to keep everything straight!


What is your Twitter feature, and what do you wish was improved? Please tell us in the comment section below. And feel free to add a few hashtags so we can spread the word – #hashtag1 #hashtag2. Thank you!


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