Samsung L-Shaped Smartphone’s Patent Revealed

Samsung has revealed a patent for the L-shaped smartphone. Samsung is the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones. Initially, there were only two brands in the market that were competing in this market, the first was Samsung, and the second was Apple. This market belongs to Apple, whereas Android is owned by Samsung. Samsung comes at an affordable price and a much lower price than Apple, which is another reason Apple is an expensive brand. Samsung has already launched new innovative smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We can now expect a new L-shaped smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung’s L-Shaped Smartphone

There is no name for the device yet. We will call it the Samsung L-Shaped Smartphone or Samsung L-Shaped Folding Smartphone. We are looking forward to the device’s design. This must seem like a foolish idea to launch a smartphone like this. Think about foldable and flippable smartphones. We believed the same thing, but the smartphone manufacturers proved us wrong by providing us with fabulous foldable devices.

Let’sGoDigital has revealed the renders of this device. The renders were submitted in mid-2021 by Samsung on WIPO. On January 20, 2022, the patent was published and approved.


A graphic designer named Jermaine Smit (aka Concept Creator) made these renders.

Samsung Galaxy L-Shaped Smartphone Renders

The look of the device is the same as a normal smartphone until you take a look at the back. The display wraps around the back of the device and connects to the camera module. With the device unfolded, the upper portion of the display that was wrapped around comes forward and locks into place on a level with the main display. As a result, it looks like an upsidedown “L”.

Samsung Galaxy L-Shaped Smartphone Renders

On the back, the device is plain except for a vertical camera module on the left edge where the smaller part of the display merges. I am also reminded of the LG Wing due to the wide upper display of the device. It has one display, though, unlike the Wing.


For this purpose, Samsung plans to use an Ultra-thin glass hinge. A few use cases are also mentioned in the patent. On the smaller part of the display, the PIP (Picture in Picture) mode will automatically initiate. On the lower half are the controls, while the upper half can also be used as a viewfinder.

Samsung Galaxy L-Shaped Smartphone Renders

In addition, a triple camera setup can be seen on the back, as well as a hole punch on the front. It will come with dual batteries.

Final Words

There is only a document version of the patent. A release date for the product is unknown. What are your thoughts on the patent of the Samsung L-shaped folding smartphone? Please share your thoughts below.


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