Samsung DDR6 Memory Roadmap: Up To 24 Gbps Speed for New GPUs

Samsung unveiled its memory technology roadmap for upcoming DDR6 memory, GDDR6+, and GDDR7 at this year’s Tech Day 2021. As reported by Computerbase, Samsung has plans to introduce DDR6 modules, as well as GDDR6+ and GDDR7. Samsung has just introduced DDR5 modules. While we’re still waiting for DDR5 modules to be released, Samsung is already launching the next generation of technology.

The new DDR5 standard just hit the markets and can be fully compatible with Intel’s new Alder Lake processors. Memory technology is definitely going to advance. Of course, there are a few issues to take into consideration, but overall the future looks bright. However, the DDR6 platform supposedly has double the speeds in comparison to the DDR5 platform.

DDR6 Memory Standard, Plans for GDDR6+ and GDDR7

Samsung’s DDR6 memory platform is already the next-generation replacement of the old DDR5 platform. There’s a timeline we should establish for this purpose. DDR5 just came out and the development of DDR6 will likely only start after 2025, so we would advise you not to wait until then before upgrading your machine.

Speed of DDR4, DDR5 and DDR6

Another benefit of the DDR6 memory is that the standards haven’t been finalized by JEDEC yet. However, discussing the capabilities and advantages of the technology is still ongoing. Standard DDR6 speeds are expected to hit 12,800 Mbps, and overclocked speeds (any frequency above the JEDEC standards) should reach 17,000 Mbps. These speeds are twice as fast as those of DDR5 and four times as fast as those of DDR4.

Samsung DDR6 Memory Roadmap
DDR memory transfer rates. Image source: Computerbase

Samsung is also planning on using GDDR6+ and GDDR7 in the distant future, apart from DDR6. GDDR6+ is the new standard for GPUs. It allows performance to bridge the gap between DDR6 and DDR7. It is clear that GDDR6+ will be the next big thing in graphics board production, not only thanks to the speeds it offers but for its heavy integration into next-gen GPUs. Meanwhile, GDDR7 works at 32Gb/s. The memory roadmap is really exciting, and there should be more advancements to support that in the coming months.


Technology is getting improved every day in every aspect of life. If we see the smartphone industry, automobile industry, computers, or software, the technology is evolving very fast and providing the best outcome to us (users). Samsung has taken one more step to introduce DDR6 memory that will be twice the faster as DDR5 and Samsung also has plans for GDDR6+ and GDDR7 that will be faster.


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