Microsoft Is Rolling Out Windows 11 Media Player App to Insiders

Microsoft is releasing a refresh of the Windows 11 Media Player app that all Windows users can enjoy. We are excited to tell you that we are releasing a new Media Player app to Insiders in the Dev channel. Starting today, users of the Windows Developer channel can get an early look at our new Media Player app with a redesigned UI.

Windows 11 Media Player App

Microsoft confirms that Windows 11’s new Media Player app will replace the existing Films & TV and Groove Music apps. Additionally, Microsoft accidentally leaked the details of this new app a month ago. The tech giant accidentally displayed a glimpse of the new Media Player during a Windows Insider webcast.

Dave Grochocki is a senior program manager lead for Media Player at Microsoft, and he recently blogged about their full-featured music library. He says that “At the heart of Media Player is a full-featured music library that allows you to quickly browse and play music, as well as create and manage playlists”

Windows 11 Media Player App

Redesigned UI

With Windows 11 design elements in place, the new Media Player is out now. It has some UI elements from Groove Music and is available for download on the Windows Store. The player interface includes a full-screen album art in the background and in the mini-player.

Windows 11 Media Player App to Insiders

Windows 11 Media Player Features

Moreover, the new Windows Media Player app comes with the support of playing videos, for which there is a separate app on Windows 10/11. It appears that Microsoft has discontinued the old Films & TV app by replacing them with the new Media Player app. Microsoft is hoping to replace the outdated Windows Media Player with its new open platform. All of these minor replacements are seen as “warts” by Microsoft.

Here are some other benefits your customers will enjoy by using the Media Player:

  • The Windows media player has an integrated media indexing feature that you can use to easily browse and play your music or videos. It will automatically search your computer for files, but you can manually tell it where to look too.
  • Improvements for accessibility.
  • Improved and standard keyboard shortcut.
Windows 11 Media Player Features


The new Media Player is now in testing for Windows Insiders. If you are not an Insider, it will become available to everyone who has upgraded to Windows 11 in the near future. If you’re an Insider on the Dev channel, you can test this app right away.


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