Honda Gyro Canopy:e is the Latest E-Bike From Honda

Honda has introduced a new e-scooter with a canopy for better protection. Honda a Japanese automaker has named it Gyro Canopy:e is 3 wheeled e-bike, the company is introducing immersive and innovative new designs for upcoming vehicles.

Technical Specifications

The Honda Gyro Canopy:e is a delivery-focused e-scooter and comes with a canopy that gives protection to riders as well as cargo but it cannot save the rider from rain. This scooter provides a windscreen that can protect the rider from rain and other elements like dust. The Gyro Canopy:e comes with a 3200W peak output-rated electric motor and it offers 580W of continuous power output.

It covers the range of 77KMs which could be more if the rider rides it at the speed of 30Km/h. This bike has removable and swappable batteries, it can be extended further. The batteries can be replaced easily within just a minute.

Honda Gyro Canopy:e is the Latest E-Bike

Honda Gyro Canopy:e Price

The Honda Gyro Canopy:e is most probably suited for urban riding and focuses as a delivery e-bike. It has been launched in Japan at the price of715,000 Yen ($6,295). The price of Gyro Canopy:e is higher than Honda’s other e-bikes like U-GO and U-BE. The price tag is high because it is made for commercial use unlike the U-GO and U-BE.

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With the Gyro Canopy, Honda is redefining the notion of the ‘electric bike’ with a design that boosts both performance and practicality. It’s a bike that’s fun to ride but is also lightweight, compact, and easy to store. You can ride further, faster, and for longer with fewer stops.


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