OnePlus Android Tablet Is In The Making – Will Launch Soon With Android 12L

OnePlus is apparently preparing a OnePlus Android tablet with hardware similar to the current generation of OnePlus smartphones. The new tablet will launch with Google’s newest version of Android, aka 12 L. Despite their reputation as a smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus is reportedly also looking to make tablets. News sources have suggested there is a OnePlus android tablet in the pipeline. Here is everything we currently know about the OnePlus Tab.

OnePlus Android Tablet

For now, Samsung and Xiaomi are the two leading Android tablet makers. Samsung Galaxy S8 series has launched recently as a flagship tablet series. Huawei was a primary manufacturer of Android devices for a while. However, they have since been excluded from the list meaning their devices might not be compatible with Android Operating System anymore. It seems Oneplus is working on making their own tablet, but this information has not been confirmed.

OnePlus Android Tablet

It has been reported that OnePlus applied for a trademark last June. The trademark was for their device known as the “OnePlus Pad” and was submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Mukul Sharma, OnePlus’ CEO, shared the news with everyone and said that the OnePlus Pad will launch multiple models in China and will also launch in India. Nothing else was discussed until now.

You may have heard that OnePlus is launching a new tablet soon. Ironically, they have been keeping an eye on the leaks, but some vague information has still managed to slip out. They are yet to reveal any details about it.

OnePlus Android Tablet Rumored Specs

The tablet might have a display that refreshes at a rate of 90Hz or 120Hz. This means the image you see becomes smoother and animations run more fluidly. It’s been confirmed that the tablet will have a Snapdragon chipset and fast charging. There is a new version of Android coming called Android 12. I heard that they’re releasing it to compete with the Galaxy Tab soon.

Android 12L

This is an improved variant of the Android 12 – optimized for bigger screens. The app will be optimized so it’s usable on different display sizes such as tablets and folding phones. We have already covered the complete features of Android 12L.

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Android 12L Interface

Final Words

Everyone is a fan of OnePlus and everyone loves OnePlus products. OnePlus is now working on a tablet that will be released later this year. OnePlus is going to work in all product categories like other companies whether it is mobile, tablet, or laptop. We hope to see OnePlus laptops even LCDs in the market soon.

Let’s take the information with the pinch of salt. Check back for updates as we will update this article as we learn more, other than that it’s all good news. There is still a lot of information about the OnePlus Android Tablet taken from ithome. You will be immediately updated on our website as further information is leaked or provided by the company. Join the conversation in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the OnePlus Android Tablet or Android 12 L.


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