Android 12L Beta 1 Launched: What’s New

Android 12L Beta 1 is launched and Last week, we discussed Android 12L, Google’s ambitious take on Android designed for tablets, and our first beta of Android 12L is finally here. A lot of Android tablet devices were available in the market a few years ago, but declined sharply in recent years, But how will the new Android 12L help Google to revive again? Let’s talk about this.

Android 12L Beta 1: What’s New?

Android 12L introduces a new quick settings panel with two columns for larger screens, optimized for screens that have a high level of immersion. You can see more quick settings tiles and notifications by utilizing the entire horizontal space on the screen, despite being from two different devices, the notification bar and the quick tiles area have been combined.

Android 12L Beta 1

There are a few new UI-related things, animations, and features in addition to the Taskbar. Users can minimize an app by double-clicking it and opening a new one by dragging and dropping an app to the side. Another cool feature of Android 12L is the improved letterboxing to make it easier for more apps to run in compatibility mode.

Developers have added new APIs to the Android 12L of which most of them were designed for improving the user experience or optimizing elements for people with large screens. Some updating is needed to make certain features work on bigger screens. Jetpack Compose is a developer toolkit for building native UI. It lets the developer create responsive layouts and work on Adaptive UI.

Android 12L Beta 1

After Google’s first beta test, they announced the new Android 12L tablet with significant improvements. And it will be interesting to see what improvements show up in future beta versions. Android tablets have a lot to contend with nowadays, and it’s too early to predict whether Android tablets will be able to catch the market up. Few manufacturers are focusing on traditional computers in favor of tablets & though Android tablets are generally more affordable, they can’t compete with Apple when it comes to the quality of higher-end models.


What are your thoughts about Android 12L? Do you think Android tablets will come back stronger because of competition from that? Want to share your opinions with us? Be sure to leave your comments below, or click here for the official release post.


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