Is Nothing Phone(1) the Next Big Thing?

Imagine that you have an image of a smartphone in your head. Take a look at the smartphones that are already available on the market, whether it is Android or iPhone. Describe your dream phone. Does the phone probably consist of a slab of glass or aluminum with a notched display and a circular or square camera module on the back? I agree, phones these days look boring. It may not be what you imagined, but if you choose to become a designer, you will do great.

According to Nothing, a brand founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, consumer technology has become boring. One of the company’s first products was its Nothing Phone(1), which attracted many eyes due to its transparent design with fused LEDs, which begs the question, will a bunch of LEDs save the smartphone industry? The following are a few things I’m excited about in the Nothing Phone(1).

Can “Nothing Phone(1)” save the Smartphone market?

Nothing Ear(1)

Nothing’s first product was the ear(1), a set of truly wireless earphones that were incredibly popular thanks to the incredible hype. Within a few months of the start-up, it raised millions of dollars from Twitch CEO Kevin Lin, YouTuber Casey Neistat, Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave, and Google Ventures, among others.

1. The Design

The Nothing Phone(1) Design

MKBHD, a popular tech YouTuber, revealed the company’s smartphone this week. As the company promised, the Nothing Phone(1) looks different. With its eye-catching design and unique feel, it’s unlike any other smartphone you’ve seen before.

I am already a fan of the transparent, fused LED design. MKBHD showcases it in a video, but nobody calls it a “Glyph” interface. Although he was not supposed to show the front of the smartphone, he did so for a brief moment. The front of the phone greatly reminded me of the Pixel 4a and 5’s displays, which also featured uniform bezels.

The Nothing Phone(1) Front and Back Design
Source: MKBHD

Observing the footage, we can see that the display is similar to the iPhone 12’s display with uniform bezels around the corners, but with a punch-hole display instead of a notch. In the early days following the release, the “no chin” remarks made by the company backfired. Technically speaking, this is a display without a chin since the overall bezels are uniform.

Nothing’s Glyph interface is really cool, and we can’t wait to see what they do with it to make the phone more functional and stand out from the crowd.

2. The Ecosystem

Wouldn’t it be nice if you switched from an iPhone to an Android? It’s all about the ecosystem! Despite hearing this conversation over and over again, most Android users wonder, “Will the Android ecosystem get better?

Nothing Ecosystem
Image: Nothing

As Carl stated at the event in March, “Our ecosystem will include products from Nothing and other top brands. There are now a number of options people can choose from, which is the start of an open and diverse ecosystem. You have the choice to use your favorite brands, rather than being forced to use a limited range of products.” It will be interesting to see how they work with other manufacturers to integrate products into the ecosystem.

How cool would it be to use your phone seamlessly with a Windows machine or a TWS that integrated perfectly with your Nothing phone? In the context of the ecosystem, a smartwatch or a laptop could be the next big thing?

3. Software

OnePlus may sound familiar to you. Have you heard of them? OxygenOS was one of the most important aspects of their smartphone business. With its clean interface, no bloat, and a ton of features, OxygenOS became one of the most popular third-party Android UIs. OnePlus devices were so popular that people bought them just to experience OxygenOS.

Nothing Phone(1) OS
Image: Nothing

Nothing OS is now available in beta on the Google Play Store, and the company has already released its launcher to the public. Not bad for an open ecosystem, eh?

The Nothing OS is discussed in the segment of the show.

As for Phone(1)’s software, there’s not much information available, but more leaks should be forthcoming. As far as we know, it will take tremendous effort to pull users into the ecosystem with software, and it needs to be unique just like the design of the device.

4. Hardware and Pricing

Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, was rumored to be powering the Phone(1). Recent leaks suggest, however, that the device will be powered by Snapdragon 778G+. You should consider the hardware specifications as speculative until they’re officially confirmed. Among the rumors about the price, the phone is expected to cost $399, which puts it in the upper mid-range category; however, this is just a rumor.

It was recently revealed by Nothing that they would not be launching the Phone(1) in the US, which was ironic considering Carl talked about the company being a direct competitor to Apple. In the country where Apple’s iPhones are selling like hotcakes, the phone isn’t launching.


Although the transparent back and LEDs are cool, I was surprised that the company didn’t mention the Phone(1)’s repairability. There is a lot of talk about the ear(1) being carbon neutral and beyond. Maybe they will address repairability at a later date.

I would love to see the Phone(1) score decently on iFixit’s repairability scale and Nothing selling its parts. Though I’m being too ambitious here, a little desire wouldn’t hurt since Apple and Samsung already have repairability programs.

Too Much Hype for “Nothing Phone?”

Publicity or promotion that is extravagant or intensive. According to our idea marketing plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to manufacturing product and selling them, but it shouldn’t overpower the process.

Are you familiar with the OnePlus Nord? It was commendable how much hype OnePlus generated around its new device. Nevertheless, people had high expectations regarding the price and were disheart right after the phone was launched. Due to this we recommend that people keep their expectations low.

Expecting less will not cause disappointment (and no, it isn’t stolen from a movie). LEDs will not save the smartphone market, and as a matter of fact, this feature may go unnoticed since it feels gimmicky. IIdeally, it would be implemented with great harmony between the software and hardware to revive a dying market.

Final Words

The Nothing Phone (1) will launch on 12th July and will be available through an invite system, which will, says Nothing, help “manage inventory” IYKYK. How do you feel about the Nothing Phone(1)?   Were we on the brink of having an Android ecosystem that rivaled Apple’s? Please share your thoughts below.


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