Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative Set Revealed

Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative Set Revealed after the Shenzhou-13 spaceship mission launched by China. Chinese three-manned space flight is an important component of China’s space activities to explore and utilize space. It has made great achievements in many areas, including launch vehicle development, satellite construction and application, astronaut training, space station research and development, and deep space exploration. These people have to stay for a period of 6 months or 183 days live and work in the Shenzhou-13 spaceship.

To remember such a historical event Red Magic has launched its Aerospace commemorative set of the Red Magic 6S Pro. This phone is the successor of the Nubia Red Magic 5S Pro.

Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative Set

Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative Set Specifications

This smartphone set is available in two different colors silver and white with the “REDMAGIC” on the front, laser engraved. This gaming mobile is a dual-core cooling back clip aerospace version and another NeoBoy aerospace version. The white version of the brand is a 120W GaN charger available in the box.

The Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative set is not very different from the normal version in respect of design. This smartphone comes with a 6.8-inch display that supports a 165Hz ultra-competitive screen and yet another amazing feature of a multi-finger touch sampling rate of 720Hz. There is also an easy-to-control silky control handle.


However, the device is equipped with Magic GPU Technology 1.0 for the first time. Red Magic Lab tests showed that Magic GPU Technology can bring up to 60% improvement in frame rate stability when playing graphically demanding games. Also, this fingerprint sensor software includes heart rate detection technology. The device also has support for in-screen fingerprint sensors which allows for faster response time when scanning your finger against the under-screen scanner.


This device comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+, a flagship sensor. It also comes with the support of ICE 7.0 nine-layer multi-dimensional cooling system, adopts an aerospace-grade phase that can change the heat dissipating material n-21 oxane (C21H44), the built-in fan speed of up to 20,000 rpm, this device can control the temperature rise steadily and also bid farewell to down-frequency stuttering.


Red Magic 6S Pro Aerospace Commemorative Set is powered with 4500mAh, supports 120W fast charging support. This device can be charged 100% in 17 minutes. The device has a fully integrated, all-pole-ear battery cell design and charging separation technology. This means that it remains cool to the touch while charging, even as the charge percentage increases.

Final Words

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