Causes And Prevention Of Gas Leaks: How Does A Gas Detector Work?

Gas leakage is one of the most disastrous accidents and has caused immeasurable harm to the environment and living beings. A gas leak is a sudden outburst of any gaseous product from a tank, pipeline, or container into the atmosphere.

Gas fans out instantly and covers the entire space it is exposed to. For instance, if a gas pipe leaks into a room, the gas will spread throughout the entire room and will quickly cover the space.

It is considered an accident, and hence is something you need to act on quickly, especially when the space is confined.

Gas leaks can be highly poisonous, explosive, and fatal if not acted upon immediately.

 Man has used a number of different types of gases like natural gas, LPG, CNG, and refrigerant gas, in a number of applications, like in electronic equipment, cooking cylinders, and industrial usage.

Every gas has its own properties and hence can cause damage accordingly.

How Can You Detect Gas Leakage?

Detecting gas leakage is not that tough, and with a minor observation, you can easily find out if there is a gas leakage or not.

Generally, gases are colorless and odorless, with few exceptions. But most of the gases used in several applications are odorless. However, a smell is externally added to the gas to help a gas leak detection.

You should instantly suspect a gas leak when you smell a weird odor, mainly like a rotten egg.

The smell can be strongly detected in a confined space, but if the gas is leaked into the open atmosphere, you might not be able to detect a leak quickly. 

Hence, If for any reason you could not smell gas, nowadays you find gas leak meters available for much quicker detection of gas leakage.

How Does A Gas Leak Detector Work?

Causes And Prevention Of Gas Leaks: How Does A Gas Detector Work?

Gas leak detectors are enabled to determine the gas pipe volume automatically. It basically tests the pipe’s tightness, load, and serviceability. 

A leak meter with a display is available now, which gives quick, accurate, and genuine measurements that determine the status of the gas leakage.

Gas leak meters also locate the gas leak in the form of gas concentration. If the values exceed the limit, an alarm is generated to inform the gas leak.

A safe to handle and easy to operate the device, the gas leak meter usually has an accuracy of is +/-3 HPA(Hecto Pascal).

What Are The Symptoms Of Gas Leaks?

When there is a gas leak, you can identify a few signs to help you quickly get started with a prompt measure to stop the leakage.

A strong stringent smell of rotten eggs is the first sign of a gas leakage

The gas might finish sooner than usual if there is a hairline crack, and the leakage is too slow, making it unable to smell the gas. You can detect a gas leak with the increased sudden gas usage.

If it’s a small space, and your hearing sense is incredibly strong, you might hear a hissing sound coming from the gas exhaling from the pipe.

In severe conditions, your health might start showing signs of gas impact.

What Happens When You Inhale A Leaked Gas?

Gas leakage is harmful to live beings and might result in plants dying. On the other hand, humans start showing severe gas inhale after-effects like vomiting, dizziness, headache, nauseous feeling, sleepiness, eyes scratching and watering, and in extreme conditions unconsciousness. 

As soon as you get some fresh air, you start feeling better. Even so, it is better to consult a doctor immediately in some instances.

How Are Gas Leaks Caused?

  • Faulty infrastructure, instruments, and pipes.
  • Low-quality material is used in the infrastructure, pipes, and tools.
  • Gas leaks due to Confined places with poor ventilation
  • Wearing off of gas pipes and loosening of seals, if any
  • Gas leaks can take place in iron pipes due to corrosion

Steps You Should Immediately Take During A Gas Leak?

In this section, we will take a look at the immediate action any individual must take until the arrival of the aid.

  • Ventilate: If the place is a confined one, open any kind of openings, like windows, doors, gates, etc. to disperse the gas and ventilate the place
  • Evacuate: Make sure everyone is evacuated immediately, pets, older adults, and kids in case of households, else, employees, and staff in case of commercial buildings.
  • Put off ignition: Switch off any appliances capable of sudden ignition. DO not turn the electrical switches on or off.
  • Turn off flames: Turn off anything that might explode like any on burners, flames, and incense sticks.
  • Call for aid: Call the helpline emergency number immediately, but not from the building/house. 

How To Prevent Gas Leakage? Precautionary Measures For Preventing Gas Leaks

We have seen everything from gas leakage to its causes, detection, and immediate solution. Now is the time for precautionary measures to prevent any such mishaps.

  • Use a good-quality gas leak detector and install an alarm system for such incidents.
  • Annual servicing and repair of gas appliances, like the gas stove, gas pipes, burners, boilers, etc.
  • Keep a check on any minor changes like color change of the flames, gas smells, early exhaustion of gas, and rust/corrosion.
  • Prioritize proper maintenance of the wear and tear of appliances with regular maintenance.


Gas leaks are hazardous and should be taken care of as soon as the gas leak meter detects something fishy. Using Taking immediate action is the best thing to do after noting a leak since they will conduct proper testing to locate it and do repairs and inspections.


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