Apple’s New Patent Revealed For a Foldable iPhone

Another Apple patent has recently surfaced online for a foldable iPhone. This time, the company’s patent application has revealed a new hinge mechanism that could mean business for the tech giant’s booming mobile business.

Foldable iPhone Patent

According to a new patent by Apple, called “Electronic devices with fiber composite friction hinges,” Apple is using a hinge that would be made from carbon fiber composite materials. Does this mean that the Cupertino giant is currently working on a flexible layer that would be housed within the hinge itself – perhaps a flexible display?

Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone

Furthermore, it appears that they’re promising the new Hinges will be slimmer but still work. This could be for a MacBook and not imply they’d work on other devices. Apple patent also mentions that some devices have “one or more hinges” on them. For example, a folding device may have a first housing part joined to a second housing portion by means of a friction hinge. The friction hinge may include structures made of fiber composites. Fiber composites are very similar to metals in certain ways but these materials are lighter, stronger, and more expensive.

Foldable iPhone


We don’t have official confirmation on this just yet, but it’s looking like the company might release a foldable iPhone within two to three years. Previously, we have covered patents about a foldable device. We still need some more updates from the company before any official reveal is made, so stay tuned for more.


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