Apple’s Upcoming M1X MacBook Pro Model’s Specs Leak Before the Launch

Apple has recently confirmed that the company will be hosting an event on 18th October which is the Apple Unleashed Event, where Apple MacBook Pro models were expected to launch with M1X chipset mounted.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro models are expected to be unveiled on Thursday, however, details about the specifications of the devices have surfaced online. According to a tweet by @dylandkt, the upcoming MacBook Pro models will ship with an M1X chip, which is a secure coprocessor. The tweet also reveals that the upcoming MacBook Pro models will be able to support up to 16GB of RAM.

Image Credit: Renders By Ian
Image Credit: Renders By Ian


The base model of the MacBook Pro is being claimed as a 14-inch and 16-inch display with 16GB RAM and 512GB of ROM (internal memory), which is similar to the current generation’s high-end 13-inch and 16-inch models.


This leak also revealed that the MacBook Pro laptop will feature a Mini-LED display and there will be minimal bezels around the screen. It’ll be so thin that there will be no MacBook branding at the bottom bezel. Apple was found testing 120Hz refresh rate for their MacBook series but Apple or any other leak has not yet confirmed that the laptop will come with the support for high refresh rate at launch.

Webcam and Chipset

There will be another major upgrade by Apple in the webcam in upcoming laptops that are featured a 1080p webcam. It is also leaked that both the base variants will come with an M1X chipset.


Apple is planning to release a new MacBook Pro that will feature a new charging brick. Earlier this year, it was reported Apple is working on getting the MacBook Pro’s charging port redesigned with a new MagSafe charger.

MacBook Pro Price

According to sources, some rumors are forecasting some price hikes especially when it comes to the MacBook. The price might elevate with the introduction of new features that are beyond what you would expect on a regular notebook computer. This is expected at the upcoming event, but only time will tell.


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