Apple Threat Notifications Will Alert You If Government Hacks Your iPhone

After Apple sued NSO Group for allegedly attempting to snoop on iPhone users, they came up with a new notification system that informs people of potential threats to their security. New Apple security tool will warn you if your iPhone was hacked by state-sponsored attacks.

You’ll get an Apple threat notification if the company detects suspicious activity on your device. The company doesn’t mention NSO Group or Pegasus on the support page, so it may be a good idea to consider a different service. Apple’s Security Updates target a wider variety of state-sponsored attacks.

Where Will You Get Apple Threat Notifications?

Apple Threat Notifications
Image: Apple

Once they are aware of a potential state-sponsored attack on your phone, Apple will make it known. With Apple Threat Notifications, you’ll receive notifications for threats on your iCloud ID, iMessage, and email. The notification will show on top of your Apple ID when you sign in to

Apple claims that these attacks are sophisticated and not tailored for a general audience. It is unlikely that your iPhone will be compromised. If you think your iPhone has been hacked, Apple now shows notifications to take the appropriate measures.

What Should You Do To Keep Your Phone Secure?

Hacking and other digital threats don’t just come from the government. There’s still adware and malware out there, which anyone should be aware of. Apple has provided a list of steps to safeguard your iPhone against this type of attack. To keep your iPhone secure, make sure to:

What Should You Do To Keep Your Phone Secure?

Here are some simple, but vital steps you can take to protect your iPhone. Besides this, you will also receive notifications from Apple if your device is compromised.

The company is also campaigning against the European DMA. The Digital Markets Act will make Apple allow the side-loading of apps, but the company is worried it’ll open Pandora’s box and introduce malware and other dangers.


Apple has recently launched a new feature to protect users from hacking attempts. The new feature is called “Apple Threat Notifications”. This new feature will alert users if someone is trying to hack them, or if the government tries to gain access to your Apple account. This is an important security feature that you should consider using if you use an iPhone.


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