MX Linux 21 ‘AHS’ Is Now Available: What is AHS?

You might’ve heard of MX Linux. They offer a reliable and secure Operating System and Linux experience. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux-based operating system out there, coming in at second only to the Linux Foundation’s own sponsored version of Linux. MX Linux 21 AHS has recently been released by the same developers. It is the latest distro with some awesome new features! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s new in AHS.

What is MX Linux 21?

MX Linux is a Linux distribution that is based on the Debian distribution. It is designed to work on older computers that might otherwise struggle to run desktop applications or the latest version of the Linux kernel.

MX Linux 21 AHS?

AHS is short for Advanced Hardware Support, which is a repository that allows you to download new graphics firmware like mesa packages, Xorg drivers, etc.

MX Linux 21 AHS: What Is AHS?

MX Linux’s Advanced Hardware Support (AHS) enables users to install new types of graphics firmware, such as mesa packages or drivers for your Xorg. “The target for this software is those who have newer AMD GPU hardware, or intel high-end graphics sets, as well as those with the mesa package need. The graphics stack has taken the primary role of “MX Linux Blog”.

It is necessary for users to manually enable the feature if they want, in a way that ensures packages migrate to the main distro over time. Essentially, the AHS repo contains firmware that can be tested for compatibility and users want feedback to make sure the compatibility is good for future Linux kernel releases. In addition to that, the release includes updated firmware (Xorg, Mesa, and Vulkan) and Linux Kernel 5.14. In addition to Xfce from the vanilla MX Linux release, the AHS variant will also come with this.

Download MX Linux 21 AHS

If you have been using the stable MX Linux 21 release, you will be happy to know that a corresponding update for AHS was recently made. While MX Repo has been gaining popularity, not everyone knows how to enable the AHS repo. Fortunately, it’s quite easy and can be done via the MX Repo Manager, One way to do this is to run the ”’upgrade”’ command to download & install the latest version of the software. The distribution can be downloaded using the link given.


The latest version of MX Linux, 21 ‘AHS’, is now available. This update features a new welcome window, replaces the smxi installer with mx-updater, and includes other bug fixes and package updates. To download and find out more about this release, please read the complete article.


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