Vivo OriginOS Ocean With a Colorful UI – All the Features You Need to Know

Vivo has announced the second iteration of its Vivo OriginOS Ocean today which will be focused on performance and bringing more content to users right from the first boot, with a bunch of new features, including customizable card-style elements on the home screen, an optimized camera UI, and a smart nano music player. The new look for the device is all about colors, rounded UI elements, and different ways to personalize your phone.

Vivo has released a new mobile operating system, called ORIGIN OS Ocean. Let’s take a quick look at what new features it offers.

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Features

1. Customizable Icons and Folders

Vivo is a new OriginOS Ocean that has a customizable interface in a card-shaped format. You can make the icons your cursor size by selecting a small, medium, or large, You can also add custom folders, too. Colors are available and made it easier for you to find something when you need it. The power of Android 12 is also shown in its Dynamic theming. The icons and folders will pick up the colors of the wallpaper or theme that is being used.

2. Origin Cover Lock Screen

Origin Cover Lock Screen Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

Vivo announced their latest lock screen – the “Origin Cover” which supports quick actions, like opening your favorite app by dragging their fingerprint button to the designated app on the lock screen.

3. Revamped Control Center

Revamped Control Center Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

The new transformable and fluid user interface of the Vivo OriginOS Ocean offers a redesigned and more intuitive Control Center, which consolidates all important information related to your device.

4. New Special Oceans Live Wallpaper

New Special Oceans Live Wallpaper Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

Apart from last year’s wallpapers, this year’s Vivo OriginOS Ocean has a new Star Trek-themed wallpaper, named the Ocean Live Wallpaper.

5. Nano Origin Music Player

Nano Origin Music Player Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

Vivo’s Nano Music player is still available on the Ocean version of the OriginOS operating system. You can control the music player with just an icon on the lock screen for easy use, without having to open the full app.

6. Nano Notifications

Nano Notifications Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

You will be able to make your device even prettier with the Nano notification. The Ocean OS has new optimizations with more colors and better handling of notifications on icons! vivo says that more apps are now also working with nano notifications.

7. New Caller UI

New Caller UI Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

Vivo OriginOS Ocean has a new dynamic caller User Interface. When you don’t save calls or contacts that are new or unfamiliar, they will get a different caller UI on the screen. With this, you can find out the importance or relevance of the call instantly. New animations while receiving and making calls are now brighter and more colorful.

8. Emergency Calls

Emergency Calls Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

Vivo’s new OS Ocean will be using a 3-channel information transmission system for emergency calls, the first of its kind in the industry. The operating system will send an emergency call through your phone, sending a text message and displaying a banner notification (home screen alert). Additionally, the location of the caller will be displayed to your emergency contact

9. Nano Reading + New Font

Nano Reading + New Font Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

living the article is getting tiring, Vivo’s Nano reading adds breakpoints to give you a fresh look. Vivo says this helps make your content more life-like. The OS also comes with Zhu Zhiwei’s special fonts and various reading options like typesetting, fonts, background colors, etc.

10. New Multi Window Interaction

New Multi Window Interaction Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

The new OS comes with an improved multi-window interaction. You can resize an app by dragging it from the bottom left corner up. It’s possible to make a window smaller and the size of other apps on your display which creates a split-screen.

11. Faster Payments from Home Screen

Like last year’s OriginOS, the Ocean OS also supports on-screen fingerprint recognition for hassle-free payments.

12. New Camera UI with Multi-Functional Focus Ring

New Camera UI with Multi-Functional Focus Ring Feature in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

The Vivo OriginOS Ocean has a multi-functional focus ring. It can control stabilization, focus length, and exposure. You can set up custom gestures that automatically add effects to anything you film. This is a quick and easy way to spice up your videos with quick effects without having to remember how many taps of your finger are necessary.

13. Memory Slimming + Nano Motion

With the help of memory slimming and memory fusion, Vivo reduces unnecessary processes & saves space. Vivo says this feature can significantly increase the memory storage space by 50%. We’ve also improved the transition animations which should feel more natural and smooth.

14. Privacy Features

Privacy Features in Vivo's OriginOS Ocean

You can use your camera, enable recording and ascertain your location by clicking on respective icons on the right side of the status bar. You can slide those icons downward for more information. The Origin Ocean also has a privacy system that can be activated from the bottom dock. Swiping left from there brings up your personal home screen after you’ve confirmed that it’s you by scanning your fingerprint. Vivo states that this private space features multiple layers of security, like biometric verification and hardware-level encryption.


QUANTUM KIT, similar to Huawei’s multi-device collaboration software, supports collaborative editing, seamless drag and drop transfer among other devices, and cross-device file transfer. Nano Notes also get a makeover with better touch interaction for easier editing of notes or documents.


If you are an android user and looking for a phone that would be apt for you then the Vivo should be the perfect smartphone having Vivo OriginOS Ocean and you should go for it. It comes with a beautiful UI and very effective features. This OS is the best from Vivo till now, it comes with many new features and amazing improvements that make it outstanding. What are your thoughts about Vivo’s this upgrade let me know in the comments below.


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