50% Discount On Microsoft Office 365 to Combat Piracy

Microsoft is taking an interesting approach to fighting piracy by giving a 50% discount on Microsoft Office 365 to combat piracy. It’s common knowledge that there are many pirates running illegal copies of MS Office. Microsoft is willing to stop piracy by discounting their Microsoft 365 product for pirates.

The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most common and essential tools used for work and school. Employers and schools use the Microsoft Office suite because it has most of the functionality that is needed by their staff and students. Instead, many users opt for software that is not genuine or legitimate. The discount is only available for people running a pirate copy of Office.

50% Discount On Microsoft Office 365

Pirated versions of Office 2019 started showing a discount banner just below the ribbon, according to the report by Ghacks. The offer clearly indicates a 50% off on Microsoft 365 Personal or Family.

50% Discount On Microsoft Office 365 to Combat Piracy

Ghacks shared a screenshot showing a red banner for pirated Microsoft Office users of 50% discount. When a user clicks on “Learn more” of that red banner, the user redirects to a Microsoft Store page that shows a warning message to the user about the pirated office. The link does not work for the users who already have the Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Subscription or Pirated

While the offer may sound tempting, it is not the best option for keeping pirated versions of Microsoft Office installed. This is because Microsoft targets its users by running one-time purchases, an unlicensed version of Office, and offers a 50% discount on Microsoft 365 – a paid subscription billed yearly. Although these users commit by purchasing Microsoft 365 subscriptions, they will have to pay the original price (double what they paid) after the year has passed.

In other news regarding the issues with piracy, a “fake” version of KMSPico activator that can also pirate Windows is spreading cryptbot malware. The program, KMSPico, is an old-school installer used by pirates as a means to install or activate pirated copies of MS Office or Windows.


Microsoft Office is the necessity of life, we are unable to work properly in the officer or in personal life without Office software. The step taken by Microsoft is no doubt a good step but this is not enough to stop piracy of their products. I have personally seen many people are using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office pirated, even Govt organizations are using the same pirated version of Microsoft products. Do you use pirated versions of Microsoft products or do you prefer spending money on these products? Give us your answer in the comments below.


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