5 Reasons Why Cyclists Are Choosing Folding Electric Bikes

There is often a misconception that folding electric bikes are inferior to traditional electric bikes. In particular, ‘real’ cyclists would not enjoy this type and that it is simply a trend that will eventually fade away.

But, the truth is that electric folding bikes are going nowhere. They are going from strength to strength and proving just how amazing they are for beginners and expert cyclists alike. The benefits they can offer everyone make them a successful long-term investment. Let’s take a look at five reasons why cyclists are choosing folding electric bikes over other models out there.

5 Reasons Why Cyclists Are Choosing Folding Electric Bikes

1. Lightweight to Carry

There are going to be a variety of situations where you need to be able to move and life your bike. This can happen when you are boarding a train or even if there is a pavement you have to dismount and move on to. But, this can be something that is difficult with ordinary electric bikes since their frames are heavy.

The same cannot be said about folding electric bikes. Their design means that they are typically a lot lighter. They are designed to be carried like a piece of luggage. So, when you are not riding, you should be able to carry it without too much of a problem. To find out more about a popular folding bike right now, follow the link. Eco Bike Co offers a variety of amazing electric bikes that you can enjoy whether you are riding around town or hitting the trails.

2. Suitable for Public Transport

If you have ever tried to bring a bike on a busy bus or train, you know just how difficult that can be. In fact, during rush hours, this can be a nightmare. There is often not enough space for you to stand, let alone bring a bike on board. Indeed, this can be frustrating for cyclists that have a mixed commute to work. They want to cycle but they often are limited because of the size of their bike.

Well, this is one of the reasons why folding electric bikes are becoming so popular. They offer a solution for simple public transport. Since they are easy to fold down and into a more compact size, this makes things a lot less stressful. You can easily hold your bike while you are traveling or use the luggage area if this is allowed.

3. Easy to Store Indoors

There are a lot of people that like cycling but do not have the storage required for a bike. For houses, this means a garage or shed. If you live in an apartment, you will need to have bike racks outside. In addition, if you have an electric bike, you know that you might have to invest in the best locks and security to make sure that it is safe.

But, this can be a problem of the past thanks to folding electric bikes. Since they tend to be more lightweight than traditional bikes, as well as having the design to fold, they can easily be stored indoors. You can leave them in a corridor inside your home or easily put them in a cupboard. So, there are not going to be any worries when it comes to storing this type of bike.

4. Easily Bring on Trips

When you are going away on a camping weekend or a holiday, you may want to bring your bike to go exploring. But, this is not always possible. For example, perhaps you do not have a big enough car for a rack or you are not confident about driving with one attached to your vehicle.

Well, with a folding electric bike, you no longer have to leave your ride at home. All you have to do is fold the frame and load it into the boot or backseat of your car. It is lightweight to carry and compacts nicely into a vehicle. So, there is no need for outside storage and you do not have to hire bikes when you get to your destination. Problem solved!

5. Safer to Own

Let’s be honest; people want to steal electric bikes. They will seize an opportunity if you leave your bike outside and you can never fully relax when you know it is in a bike rack. Well, this no longer has to put you off buying one. Instead, you can go for the folding design for better security. You can bring it anywhere with you since you can fold the frame.  For example, you can bring it into the office, café or even a shop since you can carry it like a backpack. Of course, when you are carrying your electric bike, people are less likely to try to take it from you. You can say goodbye to leaving it outside and being anxious about leaving your investment.

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