10 Tips For Chromebook Users To Double Their Productivity

Chromebooks are less expensive, however they provide sufficient overall performance that maximum users do not sense the want to upgrade to more expensive laptops. But if you do improve, right here are a few suggestions that will help you get extra out of your computer. These hints will assist you do twice as lots paintings, so you’ll in no way need to head again. Chromebooks are notable devices however they have a tendency to lag a touch bit. What you can do is double your productiveness the use of these 10 pointers.

  1. Customize Your Chromebook
  2. Activate the Google Assistant
  3. Enable Flash in Your Browser
  4. Enable Developer Mode
  5. Use Task Manager
  6. Install Useful Extensions
  7. Install Google Apps
  8. Enable Linux
  9. Enable Download Manager
  10. Use Google Keep

How a Chromebook Can Improve Your Productivity?

With lots of apps (home windows apps and android apps) to choose from, Chromebook customers can genuinely accomplish everything that they want to perform their jobs. In fact, many have located Chromebooks to be more powerful in phrases of productiveness as compared to standard computers. Because of this, a Chromebook is a tremendous funding – and one with a purpose to permit you to work more efficiently. Without the need for costly software licenses and operating machine upkeep, a Chromebook can greatly reduce your IT prices ultimately.

Chromebooks can be used for different tasks like video editing, to run linux apps, google docs, cloud apps and movie editor. Chromebooks are not made for heavy works but you can still use it for light video editing features to edit small video clips. You cannot use it for professional grade video editing. It also comes with pdf editing features, audio tracks, light and dark themes, app launcher, and phone hub.

5 Simple Tips for Making Your Chromebook More Productive

Many of the biggest companies in the world, such as Facebook, Groupon, Microsoft, and many others use Chromebooks! The Chromebook is becoming more and more popular because it is easy to use and highly portable.

1. Skip the extra storage features. Instead of spending additional money on features, you don’t really need, save your money for storage. Buy 500GB or 1TB storage, and it’ll last you for years.

2. Get things done faster. The Chromebook boots in 10 seconds and resumes sleep mode in 2 seconds. Do more in less time.

3. Set a schedule to shut down. This one’s optional, but you can always set 10 pm, or 11 pm every night. Not only does this shut off the Chromebook, but it’s safer too.

4. Use Chrome Remote desktop. This lets you join a PC to your Chromebook and do things from a PC – on your browser. It’s loose and easy to apply. Settings > Advanced Settings > Remote tab, and then click Allow Remote Access

5. Use Chrome OS and Android Apps. This one isn’t always as self-explanatory as the last one, but it’s definitely worth speakme approximately. There are literally hundreds of apps available for Chrome OS, and plenty of Android apps are also available. These are optimized for the Chrome browser, so they’ll be light-weight, rapid, and perform higher on Chrome OS than they might on exceptional structures.

How to Go Incognito on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are designed for those who want a lightweight device that they could carry around anywhere they pass. They are perfect for doing work in public, like while operating from a espresso residence or at the same time as running errands.

However, plenty of people fear being tracked through their laptop’s IP cope with. If you need to stay incognito whilst running to your Chromebook, follow those simple steps:

1: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘On the go’. Check the box before ‘Turn on private browsing.

2: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Accessibility’. Check the box before ‘Turn on incognito mode.

3: Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Show Advanced Settings.

4: Scroll down to look for ‘Content settings. On it, select ‘Display mixed content.

5: Click the toggle button. Congratulations! You are now incognito.

5 Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity on Chromebook

How do you maximize your productivity on Chromebook? The chrome web store can help you do it. Losing connection to your Chrome device means losing valuable time. Chrome syncs up your bookmarks, extensions, and extensions on other devices. Here are 5 extensions that let you raise your productiveness.

1. One-click access to sites – Make some of the websites or web applications you use frequently more accessible on your Chromebook with this handy extension. Enter your site on Chrome Web Store and choose the icon you want — the apps are packaged by category and you can drag and drop them onto an icon for quick access.

2. Evernote – Ever thought about how a smooth workflow would simplify your workflow? Evernote can make it happen. The productiveness app allows you hold music of the entirety from to-do lists to recipes. You can keep all of your notes in a single place and get entry to them from your Chromebook, cellular or pill.

3. LastPass – Passwords can be so annoying. You create an account, create a password after which neglect it. LastPass help, though. The free password manager records your passwords and keeps them in one place. It also generates passwords and notifies you of account needs.

4. Grammarly – Grammarly is an application checker which enhances your writing skills. Whether it’s your college essays, professional papers, or social media posts, Grammarly can help you make minor editing and proofreading touch-ups and ensure crisp, clear, perfect writing.

5. TED – This extension notifies you whenever there’s a TED Talk related to your field or area of research. Visually appealing and content-rich, this app offers you an opportunity to increase your knowledge.

How to Find Keyboard Shortcuts on a Chromebook?

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that can be useful when using a Chromebook.

  • Press Ctrl + D to open a new tab.
  • Press Ctrl + S to save a document.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + T to focus a screen.
  • Press Ctrl + E to open a new tab and clear your current search.
  • Press Ctrl + O to open a new tab and clear your current search.
  • Press Ctrl + Tab to switch between windows.
  • Press Ctrl + G to view all open tabs.
  • Press Ctrl + I to open a new window in a new tab.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new window.
  • Press Ctrl + M to focus a window.
  • Press Ctrl + W to close the current tab.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + W to close the current tab.

If Chrome OS is not jogging, press Alt + Ctrl + T to convey it up. The Command key’as held down even as pressing T, after which after some seconds, Chrome OS will begin.

Here are 10 Tips For Chromebook Users To Double Their Chromebook Productivity

1. Customize Your Chromebook

10 Tips For Chromebook Users To Double Their Productivity

If you’re looking to get more productive after your Chromebook’s new features are installed, start customizing it to feel like home. There are many customization alternatives to be had for Chrome OS, so we have blanketed some of them in this article. Another first rate tip for buying extra efficient is via the use of Google Assistant.

2. Activate the Google Assistant

Activate the Google Assistant

Imagine waking up to a personalized notification on your Chromebook screen. You tap it and, without lifting a finger, begin the day. It’s one in all many benefits of activating Google Assistant to your Chromebook.

With a few faucets, Google Assistant let you live informed, get organized, manage duties, and triumph over your day. Here are a few approaches it can help:

i. Stay informed. Ask your Assistant, “What’s on my calendar today?” or “What’s on my schedule?” Google Assistant will show you your calendar, and your events for the day, so that you’re geared up.

ii. Organize your day. Need a reminder to do your homework later? Ask Google Assistant, “Remind me to do my homework at 5 PM.” With Google Assistant, you’re always in control.

iii. Manage your day. Use Google Assistant to set reminders, timers, or alarms for things like watering your plants, picking up groceries, or getting to work.

iv. Get help. Google Assistant can send your reminders to your phone, or, if you ask it to, “Send it to my Chromebook,” it will display your reminder on the Start Page.

3. Enable Flash in Your Browser

Enable Flash in Your Browser

Flash is used on web sites to create animations, video games, and videos, and it permits builders to create content that may be considered on computer systems and cell gadgets.

Google does not offer Flash on Chromebooks due to the fact Flash makes use of a number of laptop reminiscence and reduces battery existence. So so one can run Flash on a Chromebook, you want to enable Flash assist inside the browser.

4. Enable Developer Mode

Enable Developer Mode

The Developer Mode is extremely beneficial while you’re growing applications in Chrome OS. It allows you to improve the capability of your Chromebook and lets in you to perform a few obligations that you could not do earlier than. You can allow Developer Mode easily on your Chromebook. To spark off Developer Mode, press the “Esc” key, click on three dots, after which choose “Developer Mode.” To allow Developer Mode, click the check field.

Chromebooks are clean to apply and work with. Most of the duties you perform at some stage in your every day work may be performed with some keystrokes, which saves you a variety of time. For example, you may awaken your Chromebook by means of quickly pressing the strength button.

5. Use Task Manager

Use Task Manager

If you have got a couple of Chrome apps open and walking, it can slow down your computer drastically.

The Chrome Task Manager allows you to govern which apps are strolling and stop them from slowing down your Chromebook. This will lessen the time it takes in your Chromebook to start up so that you can get lower back to paintings proper away.

6. Install Useful Extensions

Install Useful Extensions
Source: xda-developers

Extensions for Chrome can push your Chromebook productiveness to the subsequent stage. By truely tweaking your chrome web browser, you can upload new features that you in no way realized were missing.

The first-class way to discover an extension is to look for a key-word inside the extensions segment in Chrome. Search for the keyword “extensions” to look a listing of options which could upload greater capability.

Some extensions are unfastened, however the ones that offer complete functionality do not come loose. The extensions that paintings with the Chrome Web Store are categorised from simple to advanced. The extensions for fundamental use are loose and smooth to install. The greater advanced extensions require price before you may unencumber them.

7. Install Google Apps (Google Photos, Gdrive, Maps etc)

Google Apps

Chromebook customers carry out maximum in their tasks the use of their browsers. The browser is the middle of your Chromebook, and it’s typically through the Chrome browser that you could carry out maximum of your everyday activities.

In order to strength the browser, you need apps. As such, the Chrome Web Store has some of apps you may use with a Chromebook.

However, there are limitations. For instance, the apps available in the shop are restricted via their permissions, so you can’t set up apps that may compromise the protection of your Chromebook. Also, you can’t set up apps from outdoor the store.

8. Enable Linux

Enable Linux

Chromebooks have come to be famous over the previous couple of years because of the truth that they provide all the fundamental functions of a pc but are a lot inexpensive than a full-fledged PC or computer. However, this benefit comes with the drawback of a restrained amount of software to be had for them. The selection of apps and programs for a Chromebook is confined, and there is no Google Play Store, so customers need to rely on web-based totally packages.

Chrome OS also lacks native aid for a laptop surroundings like Windows or macOS, so strolling Windows programs on a Chromebook stays tough. The only principal benefit a Chromebook offers over a ordinary PC is that Linux can be mounted on it, and this permits you to run laptop applications, Microsoft’s Office suite, and different popular programs.

However, installing Linux on a Chromebook calls for a little little bit of technical understanding. Luckily, many courses available over the internet will help you install Linux in your Chromebook. There are numerous different Chromebooks to be had with Linux help as properly. These range from lower priced Chromebooks like Acer Chromebook 14 and C910 to top class models like the Lenovo ThinkPad X230e.

9. Enable Download Manager

Enable Download Manager

The Chromebook is a price range-pleasant computer that focuses on speed and simplicity. It comes with a integrated media player that may play both local files as well as streaming media from web sites like Netflix.

For work functions, you want a Chromebook that could download files as fast as viable. To try this, you want to put in a third-party down load manager. A down load manager allows you to pause and resume your downloads, as well as set priority degrees. It is also available as an Android app.

10. Use Google Keep

Google Keep
Source: xda-developers

As Chromebooks have slowly grow to be more famous in latest years, Google Keep has slowly become an critical productiveness tool for Chromebook users.

Google Keep is a digital observe-taking app that can be used for anything from storing purchasing lists to taking notes in the course of a cellphone name. Other useful capabilities consist of a “to-do” checklist, voice-to-textual content notes, and image and region tagging.


As you can see, you can substantially increase your productiveness through upgrading your Chromebook. You can double your productiveness by means of the usage of those tips. If you have any questions or need extra data about a selected product, please allow me recognize inside the remarks below – I’d love to pay attention from you!


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