Xiaomi Launches A New Projector, Router and Mi Smart Band 6 NFC Globally

Today, Xiaomi unveiled a variety of new products in its Mi product line. Some highlights from the launch include the Mi 11T, Mi 11T Pro, and Mi 11 Lite 5G NE smartphone alongside the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet. The Chinese tech giant also showcased three smart accessories – including a Xiaomi Smart Band 6 NFC with Alexa support, along with a Xiaomi Smart Projector 2 and a set of Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 speakers.

A man is scanning a girl's Mi Smart Band 6 NFC
Mi Smart Band 6 NFC

The Mi Smart Band 6 was first announced in March of last year. This product offered several innovative features including the sp02 function which allowed users to track their health, while simultaneously offering other health-tracking features, such as sleep and stress level detection. The contactless consumer payment service offered by the Mi Smart Band 6 is similar to that of other popular services like Apple Pay.

When using this type of service, users are afforded the opportunity to pay conveniently in public places where traditional credit card machines are unavailable or inconvenient for paying for goods or services. By partnering with Mastercard, the Mi Smart Band 6 will be able to relay users’ purchase information with 0.15-meter accuracy which allows consumers to pay securely without worrying about having their cards skimmed.

Different products with details and prices launched by xiaomi
Xiaomi’s Launched Devices

Further, the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC version now offers new functionality with Amazon Alexa Voice Service integration. This allows for easy discovery of routines via the Mi Home App and smart speakers like the Sonos One or Google Home. The Mi Smart Band 6 NFC is available for EUR 49.99 / GBP 46 / USD 60 in Europe. You can read more about this exciting new feature at Mi Community.

Mi Smart Projector 2

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Smart Projector 2, which it claims is a portable home cinema. The projector has a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution when in use and comes in an easy-to-travel-with size. It features Dolby Audio support, delivering a level of audio quality that makes all its users’ sound speakers sound crystal clear.

Furthermore, it runs on Google’s Android TV operating system. This means you can use the Google Assistant to control the Mi Smart Projector 2 with your voice, or you can use the remote provided in the box to do the same. The device is expected to cost around $599 when released to consumers.

Xiaomi Projector
Mi Smart Projector 2

Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack)

When it comes to distributing Wi-Fi throughout your home, setting up the right network system can prove tricky. But rather than doing it on your own, you can use the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack) for optimal wireless coverage that covers areas of up to 4,000 square feet with just two units.

Now designed with 512 antennas on each device and 1024QAM modulation technology for better performance on connected devices, this mesh networking system will ensure you enjoy the excellent range, reliability, and speed with its 2 x 2 MIMO support option.

Xiaomi Mesh
Xiaomi Mesh System AX 3000

When smartphones are always on the go, having a super-fast Wi-Fi 6 connection is critical. Over-the-air Wi-Fi 6 means users can seamlessly roam across rooms while keeping their devices connected to the strongest network offering the best service possible!

The price of Xiaomi Mesh System AX 3000 (2-Packs) starts from Euro 149.

Final Words

Today, Xiaomi launched their newest smart devices, the Mi Smart Projector 2, Mi Router, and Mi Band 6 NFC. These are launched in China and Europe, but not launched in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, or any other Asian Country. We hope to see them soon in our country.


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