These 6 Countries Has Banned Xiaomi Smartphones

China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer recently became the #1 smartphone brand in most countries. The company has been struggling in the global market and it has been in and out of headlines. The latest in the list is that these 6 countries have banned Xiaomi’s smartphones.

Banned Xiaomi Smartphones in Six Countries

China’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi has been banned for the first time. Six countries including Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Crimea, and North Korea have banned Xiaomi smartphones for security concerns.

The reason for banning such a big brand is the phone locks you out of the system and shows a black screen with this text: “Xiaomi’s policy does not allow the product to be sold or provided in the region where you try to activate the product. Please contact the retailer directly for more information.” If you use a Xiaomi phone and enter anywhere where the company is banned, you will not be able to connect to the internet or access your phone.

Banned Xiaomi Smartphones
Banned Xiaomi Smartphones

According to a user from XDA-developers, it has been confirmed that blocking has been put in effect in Cuba, an action that prevents any mobile phone in this region with Xiaomi’s MIUI firmware installed from connecting to the Internet. Xiaomi, in fact, does not have an official organization anywhere in Cuba.

This is different than many other countries where Xiaomi is allowed to do business and does so through official channels with all of its local suppliers for official products which are then subject to certain certification exams before they are allowed on the market.

Thus far, no production facility has been started by either company in their factories or any distributors assigned to coordinate distribution throughout the country yet.

Banned Xiaomi Smartphones
Banned Xiaomi Smartphones

Final Words

It’s worth mentioning that the policy on Xiaomi’s website makes it clear that their phones cannot be exported to specific regions and countries. As the company continues to grow, those laws may even be lifted; Xiaomi will surely become a worldwide brand if they eventually do. So, what do you make of this new development? Leave your comments below!


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