What Is Microsoft Mesh? How It Can Shake Your Reality?

What Is Microsoft Mesh? If you’ve been wanting to meet some friends abroad but don’t want to deal with all the hassle of traveling, Microsoft Mesh might be the solution for you. Microsoft unveiled its new holographic technology at this year’s Insight 2021 conference. So, let’s explore what Microsoft Mesh is offering to its users.

What is Microsoft Mesh? What does it do?

Microsoft Mesh is a new type of mixed reality technology designed by Microsoft on the Azure cloud platform. The interface allows people from different locations to meet up and be in the same room. It’s the reality that was used in fictional movies by Marvel.

The possibilities of Microsoft Mesh are endless. It can be used to conduct a “virtual” meeting in which multiple people can work on the same project in different locations or in its simplest form it will produce virtual copies into reality; this design would then be reproduced in 3D for all to see.

In the starting, Microsoft Mesh is planning to recreate the animated avatars of people in the mixed reality space. Microsoft has bigger future plans such as teleporting a photorealistic virtual version of someone with complete gestures and facial expressions.

What more can we expect but be able to attend concerts or go on family holiday virtually from the comfort of our own homes courtesy of the tech? We can also have doctors assisting us from remote locations. The possibilities are endless!

What Devices Can Run Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh has opened up the platform for developers so they can create Mesh-enabled apps and experiences for other headsets, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Right now Mesh is only available on Hololens 2 devices.

Are There Any Mesh Apps?

Microsoft has released new preview versions of its Hololens software that includes an upgrade that enables users to use their own 3D objects by modeling them in Blender. Mesh doesn’t just want to be part of Microsoft Teams. They also want to integrate with other products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the near future.

Mesh for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft and Twilio offer you personal meeting rooms that allow participants to feel like they had teleported into a different world. Add more creativity to your meetings and let developers, designers, developers, and marketers work together more effectively!

Is Anyone Else Making Similar Attempts?

While the concept of using Mesh, which Microsoft has been working on for over a few years now, isn’t entirely new, there are still many more developments to be made before it will ever reach mass adoption. In the past, we have seen such attempts from companies. For example, Facebook’s Oculus Party lets people chat together but it is still in their virtual reality.


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