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There are many different crypto platforms today, so it is often extremely difficult to test everything. In relevance to this, we’ve prepared for you an introductory article with Basic Attention Token.

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The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-based token that will be accustomed to accessing various advertising and attention-grabbing services on the Brave platform, a current blockchain-based digital advertising system. User behavior is tracked using the Brave browser, and users who post content are rewarded accordingly in BAT.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was developed to handle the underdeveloped digital advertising market. BAT, an Ethereum-based ERC20 token, is the unit of exchange during a replacement, decentralized, efficient, open-source, blockchain-based digital advertising platform. within the ecosystem, advertisers will give tokens to BAT publishers supported by measured user attention.

Users will receive some BAT for participating. they’re going to return them to publishers or use them on the platform. This transparent system keeps user data private by showing more relevant ads. Publishers face less fraud while increasing the share of remuneration. Advertisers get 19 improved reports and performance. The first element of the solution, the Brave browser, is already working.

Brave Browser

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Brave is more than a browser: it secures data across devices and keeps your personal and private browsing profile in sync across devices with client-side encryption. Data explored and extracted using machine learning only on the device provides private and anonymous opportunities to receive compensation for visiting certain sites.

Brave excludes all third-party trackers and intermediate players, eliminating data leakage, malware risk, and excessive fees. Brave does this by providing publishers with a much larger share of the revenue than they earn in today’s inefficient and opaque markets. As such, Brave aims to reboot the ad-driven internet ecosystem by providing advertisers, publishers and customers with a win-win solution whose components and protocols can become future web standards.

Content creator rewards are transferred monthly. Additionally, users can arbitrarily transfer tokens to the author they like, as on the identical Patreon.

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BAT combines advertisers, publishers and users, creating a replacement effective market. Efficiency implies the facility to confidentially monitor the intentions of the user at the browser level allows you to develop extensive metrics for the attention of the user. As an example, it’s known whether a show on an active tab was performed, and seconds of active interaction with the user are measured.

The attention is measured when viewing content and advertising only on the active tab of the browser in real-time. The price of attention for advertising is calculated to support the increasing duration and thus the number of pixels within the sector of view in proportion to the relevant content to any direct interaction with advertising.

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