What Caused Facebook Goes Down, Whatsapp, and Instagram To Go Down For More Than 6 Hours?

On October 4, 2021, Facebook goes down, WhatsApp goes down and Instagram goes down. A Facebook spokesperson told Newsweek that the outage was “not related to a DDoS attack”.

A DDoS attack is a denial-of-service attack. It is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram went down because of a Facebook outage.

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What caused the outage?

According to the reports, the issue reportedly started around 5:40 pm when users noticed the app hadn’t loaded and struggled to get in.

While each platform seems to be having its own issue, the consensus of why it went down was a “connectivity issue.” Many users have taken to Twitter to share their frustration.

In a recent blog post, Facebook outlined the reason for its October 4 outage. Thousands of users reported Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram outages yesterday. The company identified configuration changes on their routers as being responsible for the crash. According to Facebook, the outage affected its internal tools, causing a delay in diagnosing the issue. However, Facebook’s engineers were able to repair things quickly with minimal downtime.

Blog Post Summary by Facebook Team

Why did it take so long for Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to go back up?

The reason behind the outage is quite similar to the earlier outage on the Facebook platform, and the reason isn’t to do with a coding mistake. In both cases, their users reported that they couldn’t access the apps for 6 hours.

Facebook has a policy of keeping their servers powered off for a set amount of time and turning them on after this time, to make sure that the servers don’t get overloaded and don’t crash from the large number of requests coming in from the app’s 2 billion users.

It’s likely that this was done in order to prevent this from happening again. This way, the servers won’t have to deal with large traffic surges and are kept in a better condition for longer.

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What does this outage mean for the future of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram?

It’s currently unclear whether or not this is just a bug, or if it’s a major change. The official Twitter account of Facebook tweeted at 4:16 PM IST to say that they are aware of the problem, and working on it. Instagram tweeted the same thing, but not the screenshot, which is an interesting mix of very casual responses.

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We’re aware of an issue causing some people to have trouble accessing Instagram.

What can I do?

Your web app could be down because of network congestion. When an app is down, some of the requests it makes on your end are re-routed to other apps. When you try to use the web app again, it could find it’s unable to because the network is too slow.

When was facebook previously down and for how much it was down?

Santosh Janardhan, vice president of Infrastructure at Facebook, has published the post. In it, the company emphasizes that there is no indication that user data was leaked during downtime. The 4th October outage lasted roughly around six hours. This was the worst Facebook outage in 2019 when the site was down for over 24 hours.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg’s Reaction

It’s not just you – Facebook is experiencing some server trouble due to an unspecified configuration issue. Known for apologizing publicly after major outages, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his wall this time about the outage.

What was the lost of Facebook due to this outage?

Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram users had trouble accessing these platforms for more than 6 hours Tuesday after Facebook went down. Hours later, all three platforms were restored to operating within their standards. Despite restoring access to its websites, Facebook said it expects to lose billions of dollars in revenue after the outage occurred….

Some of the reports have mentioned that Facebook has lost more than 7 billion dollars and also data breaches occurred. Here we have another report about the data breach of Facebook.


Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were all down for a whopping 6 hours today. So what caused these social media giants to go down for over 6 hours today? We will investigate what happened to these social media giants and why it took them so long to get their servers back up and running again.


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