Top 10 Apps That Drain Smartphone Battery Quickly

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. We use them to communicate with others, live prepared, and entertain ourselves. But, what occurs whilst our smartphones’ batteries begin to die? We can either plug them into recharge or we can attempt to preserve battery strength with the aid of disabling certain capabilities. There are positive apps that have a tendency to empty a smartphone’s battery extra quickly than others. We are discussing the pinnacle 10 apps that drain a telephone battery the quickest.

What are Smartphone Apps and How Do They Work?

Smartphones are ubiquitous in these days’s society. According to latest studies, as of August 2022, there were over 6.6 billion energetic global cellphone customers. In the U.S., there are over 307 million lively phone users, and this quantity is best developing. With this type of huge number of customers, it’s no surprise that groups are searching out approaches to capitalize on this market by way of creating telephone apps.

So, what are phone apps?

Smartphone apps are software programs which might be designed to run on smartphones. They may be used for a number of purposes, together with amusement, communique, productiveness, or purchasing. Most cellphone apps are downloaded from app stores, including the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

How do phone apps work?

Smartphone apps are written in a programming language known as Java. Java is a platform-independent language, which means that that it could be run on an entire lot of one-of-a-type devices, along with smartphones, PCs, and servers. When a consumer downloads an app from an app save, the app keep will set up the app onto the consumer’s tool. The app will then run in the historical past, and could periodically talk with the app shop to check for updates.

Top 10 Smartphone Apps That Drain Battery Quickly

Your telephone’s battery will be quickly drained by means of the apps listed under. Before accomplishing a end, it is essential to recollect a few elements. The smartphone’s battery is fast drained by using those apps whilst it is connected to the internet. Nowadays, maximum apps use internet connectivity, so the battery is tired right away through internet connectivity. These are the pinnacle 10 apps to keep away from if you need to keep your telephone’s battery life

  1. TikTok
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Video Editing Apps
  5. PUBG Mobile
  6. Netflix
  7. Airbnb
  8. Snapchat
  9. Tinder
  10. WhatsApp

1. TikTok

TikTok - Smartphone Battery Draining App

TikTok is an app that can quick drain a smartphone’s battery. In truth, consistent with me, TikTok is one of the most battery-intensive apps available on the market. The app’s heavy use of the phone’s digital camera and processor can speedy drain the battery.

2. Facebook

Facebook - Smartphone Battery Draining App

Facebook is every other app that drains telephone batteries speedy. It’s predicted that the app can eat up to 20% of your battery lifestyles. This is because Facebook actively runs in the history, even when you’re not the use of it. To combat this, Facebook has introduced a brand new characteristic called “lite mode.” Lite mode is a stripped-down model of the app that makes use of less battery.

3. YouTube

YouTube - Smartphone Battery Draining App

There are many apps that may eat your cellphone’s battery speedy, but YouTube is one of the worst offenders. This is due to the fact the app is continuously streaming video, which calls for numerous power. If you are looking a variety of YouTube movies, you could find that your battery does not remaining very long.

4. Video Editing Apps

Video Editing Apps - Smartphone Battery Draining Apps

There are many video enhancing apps available for smartphones like Kine Master, Capcut, Viva Video and lots of more however they are able to eat the battery quick. One manner to boom the battery life is to close apps that are not in use. Another alternative is to reduce the brightness of the show display screen.

5. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile - Smartphone Battery Draining App

There are several motives that heavy games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty consume the phone battery speedy. One purpose is that those games require a number of processing power, which drains the battery. Another reason is that the screens on smartphones have a tendency to be smaller than those on gaming consoles or PCs, so they use greater battery energy to show the identical image. Additionally, many smartphones have functions like place monitoring and wi-fi charging that eat extra battery electricity whilst in use.

6. Netflix

Netflix - Smartphone Battery Draining App

Netflix additionally Kill Your smartphone’s Battery the Fastest. The app is constantly clean its feed and caching new facts, that may speedy drain your battery. If you are looking a film or show, the app will preserve the display screen on and burn up your battery existence even faster.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb - Smartphone Battery Draining App

Airbnb is one of the maximum famous apps to your smartphone, however it’s also one of the biggest battery drains. Recent research have shown that Airbnb can lessen your battery existence by using up to 15 percent. Other apps that can drain your battery encompass Facebook, Google Maps, and YouTube.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat - Smartphone Battery Draining App

Snapchat is one of the maximum battery-draining apps on smartphones. The app’s heavy use of GPS monitoring and its high-resolution photo and video capabilities can quick drain your battery. If you’re the usage of Snapchat regularly, make sure to preserve your cellphone’s battery charged and close to complete. Alternatively, you could reduce your Snapchat utilization or spend money on a battery case on your telephone.

9. Tinder

Tinder - Smartphone Battery Draining App

Tinder is one of the maximum popular dating apps obtainable. But it is also one of the most battery-hogging apps. In reality, in step with one have a look at, Tinder uses extra battery strength than some other app for your smartphone. So if you’re trying to store your battery, you can want to influence clear of Tinder.

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp - Smartphone Battery Draining App

WhatsApp is one of the maximum popular chatting apps in the world. It is estimated that WhatsApp uses greater battery than every other app on humans’s smartphones. This is because WhatsApp desires to keep its servers energetic for you to ship and get hold of messages. Other apps, such as Facebook, may be utilized in “sleep mode” while they’re now not in use, however WhatsApp cannot because it is needed for communique.

Tips on how to extend your phone battery life, primarily based at the apps that drain it the fastest

Background apps and strategies can devour a whole lot of battery electricity. Some apps use extra energy than others, relying on their capabilities and the way frequently they may be used. So, what can we do to preserve our phone’s battery energy? We can begin by disabling functions like area tracking, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi while we’re now not the usage of them. We can also lessen the screen brightness and disable notifications for apps that we don’t use often.

  • Wi-fi, Location tracking and Bluetooth use can also drain a telephone battery fast.
  • Turning off features or settings that aren’t needed can assist conserve battery energy.
  • Keeping the cellphone’s software updated can also improve battery life.
  • Turn down the display brightness.
  • Turn off notifications for apps that don’t want it.
  • Turn off auto-sync for apps that do not need it.
  • Close apps that you’re no longer the use of.


Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. We use them for loads of motives together with staying linked with pals and family, getting work accomplished, and for enjoyment. However, certainly one of the biggest issues with smartphones is that their battery lifestyles isn’t always constantly excellent. In this blog submit, we discussed the pinnacle 10 apps that drain your phone battery quick. If you are seeking to get the most out of your telephone battery, make certain to keep away from the usage of those apps!


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