The Way to Enjoy More Pokemon Go Spoofing

Have you ever changed the position of your Android phone or iPhone from a laptop? There are several reasons why you should change the position of your Android phone from a laptop. Reasons also vary, similar to playing Pokemon GO games, enjoying entertainment (music or pictures/ series) through the show sluice, or others. In addition, it turns out that relocation can also be used to avoid musketeers who like to be chased through operations like’ Find My’. Sometimes some people may change the position of their Android phone using an operation installed on a computer (desktop or laptop). To break the problem effectively, the most common and accessible trick is to use the UnicToolTailorGo.

This operation can help you move places fluently. It involves structure paths. So you can run position grounded apps on your phone. For illustration, fakes the space for Pokemon GO or generally known as Pokemon GO Spoofer.

How To Change The Position Of an Android Phone Or iPhone From Laptop?

1. Using teleport mode

  • The first way to change the position of an Android phone or iPhone from a laptop is to use teleport mode. These ways are
  • The first step you need to do is to open the UnicToolTailorGo operation on your computer.
  • Please connect your Android phone or iPhone to the computer via string (confirm access to the computer if needed).
  • Next, please click on Teleport Mode, which is the first button of the three functions in the upper right menu of the operation (if not formerly enabled).
  • Please enter your address/ position/ address in the hunt box at the top left-wing.
  • Also please select the applicable position.
  • When the menu popup appears, indicating a change of position, please click’ Move’.
  • The phone’s GPS position will be transferred. Please check with an operation that uses GPS function.

2. Navigation mode

Another way to change the position of an Android phone or iPhone from a laptop is to use the navigation mode. The first step you need to do is to click the alternate button (like the letter S) from the menu at the top right of the operation. Next, please press the’ Move’ button. You’ll see that the operation will produce a stir simulation according to the path you set. You need to flashback; you should acclimate the meter of movement according to the length of the step so that it looks more natural. Check out the following way to use TailorGo. Presenting the Pokemon go spoofing options right here.

3. Straight path mode

 A third way to change the position of an Android phone or iPhone from a laptop is to use the straight path mode. In these ways, all you have to do is click on the third button (far right) from the menu at the top right of the operation.

  • Also please select another position on the chart (click on the position) to determine the route.
  • Please acclimate the speed by sliding the switch in the alternate box (below the position) in the menu, and determine if there’s a fixed or changing meter in this movement.
  • After that, please sort out how frequently the movement is back and forth or not in the third box.
  • Eventually, please press the’ Move’ button.

 Just like the navigation mode, the operation will perform a stir simulation. You can see where you’re heading. However, you can also make a circle (back to the starting point), If the starting point and the endpoint are close to each other. With this operation, you can save root history.


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