Vivo is Launching Amazing Drone Camera Smartphone of 200MP

Vivo 200MP smartphone is all set to launch with a drone camera. Another great revolution in the shape of drone camera smartphones in the smartphone industry is going to take place and we will see a mini drone camera phone. In the past smartphone industry took care of the camera needs of the people and now in the future smartphone industry is going to rule again and is all set to complete the needs of people. We won’t need any drone cameras in the future as we are seeing this Vivo’s future-proof technology.

The smartphone industry is evolving very fast nowadays and taking over the camera industry. Cameras have their own importance but people with a budget income can spend the money on a good smartphone instead of buying different devices. Vivo is going to take place in the drone camera industry by introducing its new mini drone camera smartphone.

Vivo’s Drone Camera Smartphone

Vivo Drone Camera Smartphone
Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Drone Camera Smartphone Features

Vivo just has registered a patent and released some videos of drone camera smartphones. Vivo hasn’t released any of the features officially. Below are some features which are officially confirmed by the brand.

  • World’s first drone camera phone
  • The camera sensor is 200MP
  • Vivo has registered a patent
  • Flagship level phone

According to the rumors we have some amazing features of this device mentioned below.

  • 6000mAh battery (doesn’t seems possible)
  • 12GB RAM 512GB ROM (there must be more variants available)
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast charging support
  • Edge Display
  • 5G technology
Vivo Drone Camera Smartphone Patent
Vivo Drone Camera Phone Patent

Biggest Questions Related to Drone Camera Smartphones

There are many rumors about this device and we have picked some questions everyone is asking. The main question is the battery capacity and battery timing of this smartphone. We all know that drone takes a big battery to perform for a long time. After the battery timing, we have another question which is how far this camera can travel, or in simple words what is the maximum height this camera can go for?

We have no answers related to this device but only questions. Can this camera record 4K@30fps videos or 8K videos like ZTE Axon 30 Ultra smartphone? Is this flying camera replaceable or not? What if we drop in the water? How can we operate without the internet? there are many questions regarding this device but we just need to wait for the release time.

Video Credits Tricky Tech

Expected Price and Launch Date

We have no official information on the price of the product but the price of this device must be high because this is going to be a flagship phone. There is no official launch date is mentioned so we are unable to assume that as well. We hope we can see this amazing technology before the beginning of 2022.

Final Words

Drone camera is a future-proof technology and they will rule the future. It is not a matter of time before you will see a drone camera come out of your smartphone. Vivo is a brand that is all set to launch this technology and they are all set to launch their new smartphone in the market.


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