Samsung Reveals DDR5 7200MHz RAM With 512GB on A Single Stick

When has your computer not had enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to run a particular task? The RAM in your computer was not sufficient to prevent stuttering? Are you running Google Chrome with 15 tabs open at the same time? In either of the three cases above, Samsung might be able to help. Here is Samsung’s newest solution as DDR5 RAM, where users have the option to choose 512GB on a single RAM stick DDR5 memory.

DDR5 7200MHz RAM With 512GB

Currently most prominent suppliers of DDR4 RAM, Samsung plans to taking the lead in the development of DDR5 RAM. Samsung recently demonstrating the updated features of Samsung DDR5-7200Mhz module technology in a YouTube video on their channel.

The latest 512GB DDR5 modules from Samsung use layer stacking memory packing, a refinement of its DDR4 modules. As you can see below, Samsung’s DDR4 memory chips use a 4-layer design, while DDR5 memory chips use 8-layer designs that utilize Through Silicon Via technology of Samsung.

Difference between DDR4 RAM and DDR5 RAM
Image: Samsung

As a result of Samsung’s grinding the silicon layers, the Samsung has been able to make dies 40 percent thinner, while simultaneously reducing layer spacing – this means the 1.0mm chipsets are very thinner than the 1.2mm chipsets. This will allow Samsung to manufacture 512GB RAM on a single stick that’s made of eight DRAMs stacked on top of each other.

Samsung RAM Comparisons
Image: Samsung

As a final note on the subject, Samsung claims its DDR5 technology has double speed as compared to its previous generation RAMs, with speeds of almost over 6400Mbps.

6400mpbs transfer speed poster

Due to the lower voltage requirements to operate DDR5 RAM, Samsung’s new DDR5 technology actually saves 30% more power than its previous generation despite the increase in performance.

DDR5 7200MHz RAM With 512GB

As Samsung mentioned earlier, DDR5 RAM will be made available to smartphones, laptops, and data centers. It remains to be seen whether consumers will be able to buy 512GB DDR5 memory sticks in the 2020s.

Final Words

RAM is one of the most important components of any computer, and as such, it’s no wonder that Samsung is constantly trying to come up with innovative ways to increase the storage capacity and speed of RAM. By unveiling their latest DDR5 RAM solution, which can now store 512GB of data on a single stick, Samsung is making it easier than ever for users to get the memory they need to run their computer smoothly and efficiently. Do you have a favorite memory solution that Samsung should definitely try out? Let us know in the comments below!


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