Samsung Plans to Ship 334 Million Smartphones in 2022

Samsung has revealed its plan for 2022. It hopes to ship 334 million smartphones worldwide by the end of this year. Samsung is planning to manufacture 285 million smartphones in-house and outsource 49 million to their joint development manufacturers.

The report by Thelec reveals that Samsung is aiming to produce 54 million units of their flagship Galaxy S series and 13 million units of the Galaxy Z Folding lineup.

Image: Gizmochina – Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S21 Ultra

Samsung, apparently, has plans to double up production on its folding smartphones by 2021. They are aiming for around 13 million to be released over the course of this year, which is a significant leap from last year’s 7 million.” The new Samsung Galaxy Z units will also get a lot of attention with 4 million units being the Galaxy Z Fold and 9 million being the Galaxy Z flip.

The report stated that Samsung aims to ship 176 million units of ENTRY level phones. In the mid-tier segment, Samsung is aiming to ship 8 million ‘high phones’ for a total of 91 million units.

Samsung Plans to Ship 334 Million Smartphones in 2022

Samsung intends to ship more than 300 million Smartphones in 2022 — their first time since 2017 — and this indicates a steady recovery. Samsung faces some upcoming challenges with the Vietnam manufacturing facility temporarily ceasing production, due to the ongoing pandemic. Their goal of making the smartphone industry sustainable may be compromised. The world will also face a global chip shortage in 2022.


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