Qualcomm Will Soon Supply Chips for BMW Self-Driving Cars

Qualcomm Inc made an announcement on Tuesday that BMW, the worldwide automaker company will use their chips for the upcoming next-generation driver-assistance and self-driving systems.

Qualcomm Technologies, the world’s largest maker of chips and based in San Diego, For the last year, has been working to expand its business in various different fields. It is now one-third of its revenue is coming from non-phone chip sales (Reuters).

Qualcomm Will Soon Supply Chips for BMW Self-Driving Cars

Qualcomm Chips for BMW Self-Driving Cars

BMW has confirmed it will incorporate new chips in its “Neue Klasse” series of cars, which are set to come out from 2025.

With respect to what chips BMW will use, there will be a dedicated Qualcomm chip that will analyze data from the front, rear, and surround-view cameras. BMW will also use a centralized computing chip as their cars continue to connect with the data centers.

However, neither of the companies has revealed how much the Qualcomm deal will be covering. Qualcomm is also working with major firms like Meta for virtual reality-based projects and Microsoft on Windows laptops that use ARM-based chips.

The Chief Executive of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon said he believes the addressable market for the firm’s technologies is now $700 billion. This amount is seven times higher compared to the smartphone chip industry alone.


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