Krafton is Planning to Launch BGMI Lite in India Soon

The release of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) in India allowed Krafton to relaunch its PUBG mobile port which is very popular across the country. The company has now hinted in a new poll on Twitter that they are also working on a “Lite” version of the popular battle royale game.

BGMI Lite Releasing Soon in India hint

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The poll was shared on the Discord channel of the game. There has been unconfirmed speculation that the developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India might be working on a lightweight version of the game. PUBG Mobile Lite was released globally before PUBG Mobile was banned in India.

This version of the game is designed to work on entry-level smartphones as it does not meet the minimum hardware requirements of the original PUBG Mobile. The Lite variant of this software could be used on devices with 1 or 2GB RAM and additionally featured lower graphics. This would mean it can run on out-of-date hardware.

Budget devices are still popular in India and with BGMI being so big, it’s not weird to think that Krafton will release a Lite version. Unfortunately, there is still no official announcement regarding this variant or any details as to when it might possibly launch. From the poll, we find a list of reasons that Indian players may want BGMI Lite– this includes:

  • I can’t play BGMI on low spec device.
  • I can play BGMI, but I’ll have better performance in the Lite version on my device.
  • You can’t migrate your Lite app data into the Full app.
  • I like the maps and skins in the free version
PUBG Mobile Lite Poster

According to a SportsKeeda report, a local esports athlete by the name of Abhijeet “Ghatak reported that the company is actually working on the Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. We could see this launch by the end of next month. If it launches, its requirements would be lower and it would also install faster. It’s worth noting that this is just speculation at the moment, so it might be wise to wait for more information.

We reported earlier this year that a Lite version of PUBG Mobile might not be a thing because the game was already stripped down and supporting two regionally locked games might have them compete against one another. But, the company might have reconsidered it in light of the launch.


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