Planetarium Risk Of Rain How to Escape the Planetarium Risk of Rain 2

Players on the internet are always looking for new challenges. What are your thoughts on Risk of Rain 2’s gameplay? Aliens are killed in this game in order to get experience and money. The player can open the chest to let out random items. However, the gameplay is challenging.

This is an online multiplayer game that is primarily played in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Due to the potential in this game, gamers are flocking to it.

We’ve finally uncovered some fresh data to help us understand the risks associated with rain in planetariums.

The game’s description

The 2013 video game Rain of Rain was followed up with the August 11, 2020 release of Planetarium Risk of Rain.

Rain 2 poses a shooter risk to third-person players. It was created by Hopoo Games and released by renowned publisher Gearbox Publishing. The following platforms are compatible with it: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

A brand-new expansion for the most recent game, Risk of Rain 2DLC, is currently accessible. In this game, players must survive on an alien world while overcoming many trials.

Even though it was shown that Risk of Rain was a playable video game, was Escape the Planetarium Risk of Rain 2 a legitimate game?

Find out more about the game and how to play it properly.

What does the game consist of?

To improve players’ offensive and defensive skills, they must first slay the monsters that steal treasure from chests at the start of the game.

Finding a teleporter’s location and turning it on is the first task. Both bosses and aliens are threats that the teleporter defends against. It then becomes completely operational.

Let’s look below for more strange game-related information.

How Can I Escape Rain 2’s Planetarium Risk?

By destroying aliens, the player gathers arbitrary objects. It facilitates obtaining currency. Additionally, it helps the player open the chest and drops arbitrary objects. These mementos aid players’ chances of controlling the game and winning in the end.

Once those who have invaded have been defeated, the players must gather energy. As they finish each phase, the challenge level rises. Every ten minutes, the level of difficulty increases.

Players in the metagame gain entry to the game by using a newly created playable victim identity. The game has more features in the premium edition.

Second Rain Risk : How to Escape Out of the Planetarium

In Risk of Rain 2, you can get out of Planetarium by taking out Voidling, the boss. You’ll have to pass through a portal and complete some platforming parts after defeating the boss. I will go into more detail about where to find Planetarium, how to go to Voidling, and how to defeat the boss below.

Where to Look for a Planetarium

To go to the planetarium, first pass via a Purple Portal and cross the Void Fields. Within the Bazaar Between Time, in a tunnel beneath the Blue Portal, is a Purple Portal. However, it’s not the only way you can come upon a Purple Portal.

Once a teleporter event has been cleared, a Purple Portal might appear. Although it’s genuinely random, some claim that it only occurs once. There has only been one Purple Portal pre-loop that I have come across.

As an alternative, and somewhat oddly, you can also obtain a Purple Portal at the beginning of the stage by killing Mithrix and stroking a purple frog. This option is the most labor-intensive and costs 10 Lunar Coins to complete. To avoid charging your ship, just kill Mithrix, run back to the beginning of the stage, and pet the frog.

Go into the Empty Space

Before trying this, make sure you have some recovery supplies. You must take the following actions in order to access the Void Locus:

  • Enter the Void Fields and breach all nine cells.
  • Battle every wave of the opposition.
  • Get close to the Null Portal.
  • Await the opening of the Void Portal adjacent to it.
  • Select the world of Void Locus.

After entering the Void Locus, the following actions will allow you to eventually get to The Planetarium:

  • All four Deep Void Signals (which resemble Void Fields cells) should be activated.
  • Battle every wave of the enemy.
  • At the highest level of Void Locus, wait for another Void Portal to appear.
  • Go through the planetarium’s door.

Take Out the Voidling

At last, you can now defeat Voidling, the alternate boss, and make your way out of Planetarium. Here are some pointers on how to overcome him:

  • For maximum harm, aim your sniper rifle at his eye.
  • His bullets are slow, therefore it’s easy to dodge them.
  • Once he fires his laser, keep an eye out for a cover.
  • Take cover if you notice him rotating since there could be a bigger laser shot.

Where Is Rain Could Risk the Planetarium?

In order to attain Pelagio V’s moon, players ought to typically finish 5 wonderful levels and use their teleporters in the course of a median Risk of Rain 2 run. After taking down the King of Nothing, Mithrix, the Survivors have to board a breakout craft before the moon blows up. For those Survivors who are daring enough to analyze it, the Planetarium offers an exclusive destiny. The recently released growth for Risk of Rain 2 offers players several chances to enter the new area as they go through the game. A pink portal, positioned in a tunnel underneath the blue portal in the Bazaar Between Time, lets in survivors to enter the Planetarium.


escaping the Planetarium in Risk of Rain 2 requires careful making plans, teamwork, and mastery of recreation mechanics. By following the techniques outlined in this manual, players can beautify their possibilities of success and conquer the demanding situations posed by using this precise environment. Whether gambling solo or with buddies, getting to know the artwork of navigation and combat in the Planetarium adds a thrilling dimension to the gameplay.


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