Netflix Games Finally Roll Out For Everyone On Android

After a long wait, Android Netflix users can now play Netflix games through its streaming app. The company has stated that iOS users will be able to start playing games in the future.

According to the official post, five games are currently available on Netflix. These games include Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Shooting Hoops, and Teeter Up. The company said they want to offer a diverse range of games. They also want to add something for everyone in their catalog.

Netflix Games

Netflix Games for Android are getting rolled out, following trials in Poland, Italy, and Spain. Ever since this streaming company released their IP-based games, they have been removed or ended service on third-party platforms like Steam and GOG. This means that Netflix plans to stop sharing its IPs within games with other developers.

Netflix Games

A blog confirmed that subscribing to Netflix will now allow access to its games for no extra fee. Netflix Games will be available on the Netflix mobile app starting tomorrow. We also noted that there are no in-game ads or in-app purchases either.

One downside is that, once you select a game on Netflix, the app will download it from the Google Play Store before you can play it.

You can also play your video games in your preferred Netflix language. If the game isn’t available, it will automatically switch to English for you.

Netflix hasn’t made games available on profiles for kids to the parental side of things: they require a PIN to salvage them and adult profiles require entering the same PIN.

Other than games like Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go which require an internet connection to operate, you’re able to watch Netflix offline as well.

Netflix Games Finally Roll Out For Everyone On Android


While Netflix is leading in providing movies and seasons now they’ve announced that they will be bringing Netflix Games to all Android devices and for iOS devices they have future plans. Netflix Games are a series of mini-games that are based on popular shows and movies, which you can play with your friends, or against your family.


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