Microsoft Edge Follow Feature Now Follow Your Favorite YouTubers

Microsoft is testing a YouTube integration for its Edge browser named “Microsoft Edge Follow Feature”. This will enable users to browse through a library of videos after they search for them or visit pages that embed YouTube videos. The ability to view YouTube videos without the need to go into a different website is said to be one of the most significant changes in Microsoft Edge since launching.

YouTube recently added a new “followable web” feature which enables you to follow the channels of your favorite content creators in a snap. You can then subscribe to that feed, similar to how you would set up an RSS feed on Google Chrome. With “Featured Content” users can quickly check recent posts from creators they follow without having to open the app.

You can check the list of creators you follow in the Collections tab. The feature is restricted to YouTube for now though. Other than Youtube, Microsoft is testing this for a very few websites.

Microsoft Edge Follow Feature

The tool is available in the latest builds of Microsoft Edge’s Canary build and is only accessible to a few people. Reddit user Leopeva64 noticed a “Follow” button in the address bar of YouTube pages.

Microsoft Edge Follow Feature
 Source: Reddit (Leopeva64)

Would you like to receive informative messages that update you on the latest news from your favorite website? Enable Google Chrome’s experimental notifications feature. To understand how this works it’s helpful to know what an RSS feed is.

An RSS feed is a text file used to keep up with updates from websites. It usually provides summaries or notes for each update, but you can get the latest posts if you install an RSS reader. When using an RSS feed, users can choose which content they want to see and access it in a computer-readable format.

This feature is available only to those on the Microsoft Edge Insider Build. From the sound of it, you’ll be able to use this feature in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Edge Follow Feature
 Source: Reddit (Leopeva64)

Final Words

Microsoft has been implementing some new features into the latest version of Microsoft Edge. YouTube has been a part of many people’s lives and it’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to implement some new features that will help you enjoy YouTube even more, such as the follow feature on the new Microsoft Edge. We hope you enjoyed this article and we hope you try out the new Microsoft Edge. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns.


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