Latest LG Direct View LED TV Unveils With a Mammoth 325-Inches Big Screen

LG has made a new TV (LG Direct View LED TV) that is really big. LG is all set to release its latest TV that is touted to be the Largest TV. LG claims that this TV is the world’s largest TV in terms of size and resolution and provides an immersive experience beyond imagination. The LG Direct View LED TV, which comes with a big 325-inch display and a total of 16:9 aspect ratio.

Korean tech giant, LG Electronics launched their monster direct view LED TV this week, offering a very expansive screen and an extreme home cinema experience for their super-luxury segment of customers. With the launch of this latest addition to their product portfolio, LG is now joining forces with Samsung’s The Wall TV which offers similar features and functionality.

Big LED looking like cinema in a dark room and seats are also available like cinema
LG Direct View LED TV

LG Direct View LED TV Features

Previously Samsung has launched the world’s biggest LED TV of 292 inches, but now LG has broken the record of samsugn and introduced a new innovation in technology as 325 inches monster screen LED TV. LG took the lead in introducing the world’s biggest smart TV. This LED TV comes with 8k video support which gives it another plus point.

The LG’s Direct LED array has millions of LEDs to form a complete, clear image. It can be scaled up to 325 inches to reach any size your room could possibly need. This system allows the TV to manipulate the shape and size of its picture for an unusually immersive viewing experience. You can even personalize your viewing experience using features found in each Smart TV.

This image is showing different sizes of lg led in 2d type painting
LG Direct View LED TV


While the 16:9 aspect ratio is available as a standard configuration, you can also have the 32:9 ratio which enables you to watch multiple videos at the same time. The arrangement provides 4K and 8K quality dependent upon up to 33 million diodes. It also has the 2K configuration (either single or dual). A WebOS controller is available with smart TV functionality for this powerful television system.

A big screen led mounted to the wall and a sofa is available in from of it
LG Direct View LED TV


Similar to Samsung’s newest TV, the LG Direct View LED TV is unique because it comes with a full-view display that can be seen in its entirety when in use. Additionally, there aren’t any prices currently listed on the website due to the fact that customized features are available for all potential deployments including residential and office spaces.

It’s estimated that this new item will cost anywhere between $30000 (Almost Rs.50,40,000/- PKR) and above according to online retail sites, although it may be less expensive than some estimates given that cabling is wireless.


LG has already started receiving orders for the gigantic 325-inch DVLED TV. This will be a great luxury addition, providing a larger-than-life TV viewing experience in super-luxury homes. The target audience is owners of super luxurious mansions looking to upgrade from flat-screen TVs to one that provides a bigger and better picture quality.

Final Words

LG has created a new wave of excitement within its super-luxury brand following the release of its latest collection of gigantic DVLED televisions. The ultra HD set comes in at 325 inches, making it the largest Ultra HD Display to ever be made – which presents an incredible opportunity for top-end designers to showcase their talents by integrating the behemoth into their latest luxury developments.

Additionally, LG’s 325-inch display provides eyes-on entertainment that promises to help quiet the naysayers who claim that ‘TVs are dying’ due to high-end design theme parks taking over as the current trend in home entertainment.


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