Don’t Buy iPhone 13, The Next iPhone 14 Is The Real Deal

The iPhone 13 is all set to hit the market next week and everyone is crazy about it. We are not here to talk about iPhone 13 instead we are here to talk about the next big blast from Apple in the shape of the iPhone 14. Jon Prosser has reported the leaks of the 2022 iPhone 14 and created 3D renders based on the leak. The design change is the biggest deal here which we were expecting in iPhone 13 series.

The Next iPhone in 2022 (iPhone 14)


Apple has not yet confirmed what they are going to name the next iPhone, we can just assume it’s iPhone 14 but they can change the name. The next iPhone is definitely going to be a next-gen phone. The specifications are just assumptions and we cannot claim to be 100% sure about the specification, not even the images.

Rendered Images

iPhone 14 in black color back side

If we talk about the back of the iPhone 14, the most notable change is that there is no camera bump. The glass panel at the back is continuous and straight. Another better change is the matte-finished back not here but a semi-glossy back is expected. This phone at first look reminds us of the legendary iPhone 4s.


Examining the front, the display is very appealing. The biggest change we would love to see is a huge notch bar is not there instead of that notch bar we can have a small round hole punch in the top center. According to Prosser, this phone must have a face id and has been moved below the display.


The sides of this phone remember us again the iPhone 4s. The material of the sides according to the Prosser is titanium with round volume buttons. On the bottom, we still have two speakers and the same lighting port. The power button is still in the same position as it was before and Antena’s bounds as well are still there.

iPhone 14 Leaked Image in pink color back side of the phone
iPhone 14 Rendered Image

The provided images are 3D renders made on assumptions and leaked design changes portraits. Leakers have always played a major role to spoil the real craze for the brands but give the consumers goosebumps. Many of the previous leakers rendered such products which came true. Jon Prosser is a pro-leaker, so we can somehow rely on his leaks. There is no doubt Apple has to change its design from a simple regular design to something really exciting.

iPhone 14 Leaked Specifications

Talking about the specifications, the leaks stated that we getting a 6.7 inches big display, A16 Bionic Chip, and another major update 48MP triple camera sensor with LiDar. Other leaks also say this phone might get a periscope lens too. The specifications, images, and all the material about iPhone 14 are just leaks, it’s very early to assume anything but we hope we won’t see a big notch in iPhone in 2022.

iPhone 14 Price

It is very funny to even talk about the iPhone 14 prices right now when iPhone 13 is not yet launched. There are no leaks about the price noticed and the price would definitely be higher than iPhone 13. We just need to wait till 2022 for the next big iPhone upgrade.

Final Words

In this article, we spoke about why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 13. We have a feeling that the iPhone 14 is going to be the biggest upgrade in the iPhone series, so instead of buying a phone with the old style, it’s a better idea to wait for next year until the iPhone 14 comes out. Check out the article to read more details on why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 13!


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