Huawei Watch GT Runner is Launching on November 17

Huawei’s Smart Life Product Launch event is going to be held on November 17th at 7:30 PM. The brand has released a set of posters that say the Huawei Watch GT Runner will be unveiled at an event. The Watch GT Runner was built for professional runners. The frame has a ‘Sport-Lap’ text engraved on the right.

A great way to track progress and performance is by using a smartwatch. The device tracks data like running power index, pace, heart rate, and distance.

Huawei Watch GT Runner Poster

Huawei Watch GT Runner Specifications

The dial is round and offers an improved antenna range. It promises to be 135% more accurate than its predecessor. The new generation of smartwatches has really evolved. The industry’s first floating antenna design made it possible for Why Lab to offer a high-quality product at an unbeatable price.

It has dual-frequency (5-star) positioning and precision (marathon track-level). He also mentioned that the device is equipped with HarmonyOS. The other features of the Huawei Watch GT Runner are not unveiled yet.

The Watch GT Runner was spotted at the Bluetooth SIG certification site last month. The company is also expected to announce the GT 3 watch on Nov. 17 in China with the GT runner smartwatch.

Huawei Watch GT Runner Price and Availability

There is currently no pricing information available for the device. According to reports, Huawei’s next smartwatch will be able to measure blood pressure. It is currently unknown whether the Watch GT Runner has a blood pressure tracker. The availability of this device is also not yet revealed but this smartwatch is releasing on November 17 and will be available right after its launch. We’ll update the information about this smartwatch as more official info comes out.


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