How Your Mobile Phone Can Maximize Your Vacation

Did you know that going on vacations may actually improve our productivity? While this may not be immediately apparent, it has been proven that going on vacations is good for our productivity. 

Since going on a vacation means recharging the mind and body, our energy and concentration levels will naturally be higher following a good vacation. This will allow us to work better with a newfound inclination to take on new tasks and goals.

If traveling is on your agenda in the near future, here’s how you can make good use of your mobile phone to ensure a fulfilling and hassle-free vacation.   

Book your flights and hotels with Wego

How Your Mobile Phone Can Maximize Your Vacation

By using a reliable booking app such as Wego, you can easily determine the cheapest rates for your flights and hotel based on your needs and budget. 

For example, if you’re looking to fly from Lahore to Karachi, you simply need to provide your intended travel date and the app will effortlessly compare all the available options and sort them by cost, travel time, and convenience. The entire technique is streamlined and could take you no extra than a couple of minutes.

If you’re planning to fly overseas, you can also use the Wego app to keep yourself updated on the latest travel rules and requirements of your destination. The Wego app’s advisory section provides all the latest COVID-related travel information including vaccination, test, and quarantine requirements of any given destination.    

Never lose your way with Google Maps 

If you’re planning to journey to an unfamiliar vacation spot to your excursion, it’d be an amazing concept to utilize the Google Maps app during your live. 

Whether you’re making plans to rent a automobile or use public transportation, Google Maps will allow you to efficaciously plan your course and get you from point A to factor B competently. You can also learn more about local businesses, attractions, and the timings of various public transportation by simply consulting the handy app. 

However, be advised that Google Maps is reliant on network coverage for it to be able to function properly. As such, it’s recommended that you download the map of your destination before setting out on your trip. This will ensure that the map of your destination will be available offline.

Overcoming the language barrier

A trip to a place where the language is unfamiliar may present you with a challenge. To help you communicate, you can prepare for the trip by using the Duolingo app to learn some basic and useful phrases. The app provides free courses for over 40 distinct languages and a small variety of constructed languages. 

You can also use your mobile phone to access Google Translate to help better understand the locals. Apart from translating typed-in texts, Google Translate also has a feature allowing you to scan a printed text and receive instant translation. As with Google Maps, the translation feature only works where there’s network connectivity.

Find out how much it really costs with Xe Currency Converter

You may find yourself in a more comfortable position to spend some cash on goods or services upon learning how much they really cost in your ‘native currency.’

The Xe Currency Converter app is arguably the best currency converter app out there as its user-friendly interface truly allows for a speedy conversion. It also offers offline functionalities at the most recent exchange rate for over 130 currencies as per the latest update.

While we recommend Xe Currency Converter, there are other converter apps that offer pretty much the same feature, such as Currency Converter Plus, All Currency Converter. Easy Currency Converter and so on.    

Keep track of your luggage with LugLoc

Having your luggage be at the mercy of the airline is super annoying, to say the least. No one wants their luggage to be stuck in limbo and not knowing when they’ll be reunited with their precious laptop or favorite clothing. 

While the LugLoc smart luggage tracker isn’t free, it does allow you to track the exact whereabouts of your luggage simply at the tap of your smartphone. The product consists of a GSM tracker to be paired with a mobile phone app available for both iOS and Android. 

Resume connectivity with WiFi Map

If on your travels you find yourself needing to connect to the internet in areas devoid of network coverage, then the best option would be to find a public Wi-Fi and get yourself back on the grid. To do so, you’d need to have access to an app offering a database of free Wi-Fi networks along with their passwords. 

WiFI Map is our recommendation for the best free connectivity app. The app is essentially a global Wi-Fi hotspot database powered by users contributing new Wi-Fi details almost every day. As such, the WiFi Map app allows you to easily detect accessible public Wi-Fi networks near you along with their updated passwords.

With all of the apps mentioned above needing some level of connectivity, the WiFi Map app will prove essential for your travels.


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