How to use New Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses

Snapchat just released a new Avatar lens on their app called Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses! It allows you to see what you would look like in the Metaverse. The lens makes people look like they’re from a Sims or Pixar movie. According to a recent trend, you can now turn any photo into a drawing made from cartoons. This is similar to Snapchat’s cartoon face trend that you might have seen on social media.

The trend is in which people change their appearance to resemble an animated character. Recently it has gone viral and in the past year alone has become popular amongst people in these communities. This trend is not only limited to Snapchat, TikTok is also using AI to detect filters for users.

Snapchat’s Disney Face Trends

The trend first started when Snapchat released the Snapchat Cartoon Face lens in August 2020. Some users seemed to jump on this trend right away when they saw that they could make themselves and others look like Disney characters. A new TikTok filter provoked users to place cartoon faces on their pets and themselves to make them look like cartoons.

In December 2020, Snapchat released a new lens that goes beyond “emojis” to a more realistic cartoon. The company recognized the Disney trend and released the Cartoon Style 3D lens. These new contact lenses looked more like Disney characters than the previous ones. In its first week after release, The Lens had 2.8 billion impressions.

There are Snapchat filters that let you see yourself as a Disney or video game character. Have fun with them!

Snapchat Avatar/Cartoon Lenses

How to Use Snapchat’s Avatar Lens?

1. Go to Avatar by Snapchat

2. Or scan the QR code

Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses

How to Use Snapchat Cartoon Face Lens?

1. Go to Cartoon Face on Snapchat

2. Or scan the QR code

Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses

How to Use the Snapchat Cartoon Lens?

1. Go to Cartoon by Snapchat

2. Or scan the QR code

Snapchat Cartoon and Avatar Lenses

How to Use the Snapchat Cartoon Style 3D Lens?

1. Go to Cartoon 3D Style by Snapchat

2. Or scan the QR code

Snapchat QR Code Scanner


In the world of Snapchat, this new effect is just one of many that are sure to leave users wanting more. It will come as no surprise to hear that many Snapchat users are searching for new Snapchat lenses to try out. While it is still too early to tell if this Avatar lens will make it to the top of the list of most-used Snapchat lenses, we can still help you try out the latest avatar lens to be released.


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