Hisense Vidda 85-inch 120Hz Flagship TV Launching on September 29

Hisense, a renowned TV manufacturer, recently released the news that during the last week of September they will be releasing a new Smart TV: The Vidda will include a display of 85” and will include an array of exciting new features such as 4K Ultra HD picture technology, 120Hz refresh rates and LED technology within the display only to mention a few.

Bezels-less Display

It’s clear to see by the Vidda poster “end of the field of view, no boundaries” posted above that this new TV is set to have minimal bezels. This suggests that it will provide a high screen share for an astonishing view. It also emphasizes highly the number 3 shown in one of the posters parameters.

Hisense Vidda 85-inch Poster
Hisense Vidda 85-inch Poster

Hisense Vidda 85-inch Features

A popular TV brand called Hisense is gearing up to release a new television that will have consumers marveling at its 85-inch display. The television will have an incredible 120Hz screen, which is the exact frame rate most professionals use to view their images on for quality purposes. This television will be released in September, according to officially tipped posters.

A new product page was seen live on an e-commerce website that is the Hisense Vidda 85-inch smart tv with model name 85V1F-S. This smart tv is a flagship-level product packed with a 4K Display, 120hz refresh rate with built-in 3GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

Hisense Vidda 85-inch
Hisense Vidda 85-inch

The number “3” refers to 3GB of RAM in the poster, which is 1 gig higher than the mainstream 2GB memory capacity seen with the majority of smart TVs. This smart tv also termed a “Game TV”, this product also features game-only HDMI 2.1 input that supports VRR variable refresh rates. This device also comes with 2x18W speakers and 25W subwoofers made for high-fidelity stereo sound.

Hisense Vidda 85-inch
Hisense Vidda 85-inch

Hisense Vidda 85-inch Price

Hisense Vidda 85-inch priced at ¥8499 ($1315) (Rs.2,22,500/- Pkr).

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to announce that the new Hisense Vidda 85-inch 120Hz flagship TV is coming on September 29. This new TV brings together some of the latest technology in the industry including 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR technology. We hope you’ll visit our new blog post. for more details on this exciting new TV, comment below. Thanks


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