DxOMark Ranking of Vivo X70 Pro Plus is at 7th Position, Scores 135 Points

DxOMark Ranking of Vivo X70 Pro Plus is at 7th Position, Scores 135 Points. Vivo launched its X70 Pro+ flagship smartphone was launched last September. It’s the latest and most powerful of their lineup with lots of cool new specs, one would expect out of a high-end smartphone but with upgraded camera technology. The X70 Pro+ has just passed the DxOMark camera test and scored 135 points, which places it in the top 10 rankings for best smartphone cameras.

DxOMark Ranking of Vivo X70 Pro Plus

According to the DxOMark camera test, the Vivo flagship scored 135 points. Interestingly, our camera analyzer gave this camera a score of 139 points. It also did well in the other two scoring measures with 88 points for zoom and 115 points for video. The X70 Pro+ earned 7th place in DxOMark’s top 10 list of smartphones.

The device was specifically tested for its exposure and dynamic range related to the main and ultra-wide lens. The results showed great performance. The Vivo x70 Pro+ is a quality phone for those who demand good low-light photography and accurate color rendering. The device has a natural blur gradient and provides good subject isolation in bokeh mode.

DxOMark Test of Vivo X70 Pro+

When shooting videos the X70 Pro+ provides good exposure, nice color, and accurate white balance in bright light and indoor environments. It also produces smooth videos with effective video stabilization.

Vivo’s X70 Pro+ phone has been tested for autofocus and it doesn’t work very well. The camera will take a long time to adjust. Image quality can suffer when there are certain conditions that are out of the camera’s control. One drawback with using noise reduction for filming indoors or in low light is that you can see weird distortions.

DxOMark Ranking of Vivo X70 Pro Plus The Ranking Chart

The Vivo X70 Pro+ is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The phone scored 135 points thanks to improvements in several key areas such as key quality, call quality, and speed. The device had better 3DMark scores than Asus’ Snapdragon Insiders Smartphone but lost to the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. The Huawei P50 Pro is the top-performing phone and Xiaomi Mi 11 arrives second.


Vivo X70 Pro Plus is the latest camera phone launched by Vivo in the market. This device has received a DxOMark ranking of 135 points for its dual rear camera setup. This handset has received quite a good score for its cameras. The device has managed to beat many other phones. It has even beat a few other Vivo devices that have been launched in October. This is the 7th highest score by any Chinese brand in the market.

What are your thoughts about the DxOMark Ranking of Vivo X70 Pro Plus and do you really consider these ratings before buying a smartphone? Let me know in the comments below.


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