What is the difference between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Nowadays, you can find numerous options for hosting your website, and the important ones among them are VPS and Shard hosting. Both VPS hosting as well as shared hosting has their importance as well as benefits. Thus, knowing all about them and their differences would be better before choosing one.

As the name suggests, shared hosting involves sharing the server, while VPS – A virtual private server is a private server. The best VPS server hosting is considered better than shared hosting for several reasons. Everyone planning to host a website will have to choose between these hosting methods. Here is some information that will help you know the differences between VPS Hosting and shared hosting.

About VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS – Virtual Private Server website hosting is a technique that uses virtualization era to offer certain resources on a physical server this is shared with other customers. It involves growing a virtual environment that works as a devoted server, wherein you will get entire access and manipulate of the server.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting involves sharing a server along with resources with other sites. So, you might not get full access or control over the server and can’t use it based on your choice.

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Shared hosting vs VPS hosting

Shared hosting vs VPS hosting
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· Resource allocation

In shared hosting, you will have to share the resources with other websites on the server. So, if any of them reaches their limits, the others will also run out of allocation space. VPS hosting is also shared, but you will have control over resource allocation, as your website will have a certain limit.

· Security

Shared hosting is enormously volatile considering you may be sharing the server with other web sites. If any of the web sites receives hacked, you are at risk of getting hacked. But VPS hosting services offer advanced security that enables complete protection. You can also install personal security software to ensure your safety, even if other sites on the related server get hacked.

· Performance

In shared hosting, the performance of your website depends on the other websites on the same server. Your website will get good uptime and bandwidth, allowing hundreds of visitors per week. But it is only possible if the other sites do not use much of it. VPS hosting offers high speed and bandwidth to support thousands of visitors per week. You do not have to worry about any decrease in performance in this hosting.

· Limits

Shared hosting has many limits and will not provide access to many features. You will not be able to modify or manage features controlled by the administrators. Thus, you can’t customize everything accordingly. While VPS hosting plans give you root access to the highest level. You can access, control or modify any software aspect of the server based on your choice.

· Number of cPanel accounts

In shared hosting, you can only create a single cPanel, which hosts numerous websites. But VPS hosting plans allow you to create multiple cPanel accounts separately.

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· Price

While considering the price, shared hosting is better than VPS hosting; it is much cheaper. You can even start shared hosting for free on many websites that meet your requirements. But finding a cheap VPS hosting plan would be the best choice as it offers a greater advantage.

· System Administration

In shared hosting, you do not need to worry about managing the server by yourselves. It will already have a system administrator who will take care of the whole functioning of the server. But in VPS hosting, you are the system administrator and must manage the whole server.


If you are planning to choose a hosting service for simple requirements, then choosing shared hosting will be perfect. But if you plan on hosting websites for important purposes like business, then VPS hosting is highly recommended. You should also try to find a cheap VPS hosting server that offers the best results and is reliable.


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