What Can a Dedicated Server Be Used For?

A dedicated server is a computer that provides hosting resources to an individual client. Although the prices for renting one are not so cheap, you don’t have other neighbors. That means the performance and security are on new levels. Since you won’t share anything from RAM, CPU or bandwidth, the limits from a shared environment also don’t exist anymore. Here’s what you can do as a result!

Game server

If you ever thought about hosting a game like Minecraft or Counter-Strike, a dedicated server might be your best chance to do it. You will get a faster processor that will prevent lag, so all the players will love the experience. You also don’t have to reboot the system or close the game when you encounter problems. Instead, it’s possible to make the changes while others don’t notice what’s happening.

High-traffic websites

Whether you run an eCommerce store or another type of business, you will want to get a reliable hosting solution for your established brand. It’s also important to have wider control and be able to sustain lots of traffic that’s still unpredictable. A dedicated server will handle heavy workloads, as well as the specifications for certain software. This way, your website won’t be slowed down and it’ll be easier to get through the growth stage.

Email Hosting

While there are free choices for this communication channel like Gmail, it’s better to have a professional address and send out messages that build credibility. A dedicated server is recommended when you deal with many customers or need to contact a certain number of people regularly. Besides using the company’s own domain, you will be able to set up filters and other rules for better receiving and distribution.

Data sync

Data synchronizing means the files are kept coordinated across multiple places. With so many security breaches, you probably don’t trust other providers when it comes to such services. The good news is a dedicated server makes you able to set up a new infrastructure. The changes in documents or other elements are visible to everyone in the workplace, productivity is increased in the long term.

Video streaming

The video format continues to create responses in any industry, so businesses focus their marketing efforts on this type of content. While you can create a Youtube or Vimeo account, keep in mind this comes with restrictions. If you don’t want to be shut down at any time because of a mistake, then you should own the platform you use. Invest in a dedicated server for streaming and you will get complete freedom to express yourself, as well as your future ideas.


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